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Cloud Back-up Key benefits

The key benefits of Cloud Back-up

  • 01

    Manage the back-up schedule and restoration yourself.

  • 02

    Intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

  • 03
    Back up automatically

    Just install the application to automatically back up all your data.

What is Cloud Back-up?

Vodacom Cloud Back-up is a cost effective way to back up your on-premises servers and desktops to the Cloud. It’s perfectly suited for customers who want flexible, high-performance and secure back-ups over the Internet for infrastructure, desktops and laptops located at their premises, plus loads of benefits!

With encryption on disk and during transit, your data is stored securely in the Cloud.


Simply install the app, schedule your back-up via an easy-to-use graphical user interface, and you're done!


The Cloud Back-up web portal lets you securely access your data on the run using any device, from any location - globally.

How much does Cloud Back-up cost?

To get the exact cost, you’ll need to consider:
  • The number of servers which need to back-up.
  • The type of server operating system and applications.
  • The number of desktops and laptops that need to be included.
  • The disk capacity needed for your online back-up.


For your laptop

R9.00 per laptop R3.00 per GB of Storage

For your server

R370.00 per server R125.00 per optional module per server R3.00 per GB of Storage R850 setup fee, once-off

For your virtual machine

R250.00 per virtual machine R125 per optional module R3.00 per GB of Storage
R850 setup fee, once-off

Frequently asked questions

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