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m-Education Benefits

The key benefits of Vodacom m-Education

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    Empowers learners

    Empowers learners using 21st century technology; smartphones and tablets

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    Multimedia content

    Educators and learners can access curriculum-aligned multimedia content

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    Assign tests

    Educators can assign tests to the learners, who then answer using their mobile devices

What is Vodacom m-Education solution?

• Our m-Education solution lets educators improve the classroom experience for their students, using rich digitized media content. Learners will access the same curriculum content and learning materials that the educator uses in the class, and this will be delivered via their smartphones, tablets, digital boards or PC browser.

• Internet connectivity is an added advantage for this solution. It’s essential for reporting and ‘work from home’ functionality, but content can still be accessed when they’re offline. The educators will manage resources, create lessons, schedule remote lessons and log, monitor and report on learners. Content and lesson plans are stored on a local server in the school and synchronized in the cloud, from where it’s accessible by educators, administrators and parents.

Who can use Vodacom m-Education?

Vodacom m-Education is available to public schools run by the Department of Education as well as ISASA-registered private schools. What’s really awesome is that companies can uplift communities by sponsoring local schools with the solution.

What do we need to make use of Vodacom m-Education solution?

The equipment consists of laptops, servers, tablets, whiteboards or smart boards and projectors. Educators will be trained to use the e-books in the classroom, the Learner Management System and Internet resources, while additional support will be available online via email as well as school visits to coach educators on how to improve their lessons in the classroom.

Why should I use Vodacom m-Education?

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Improve school results

Makes learning more effective using technology in the classroom. Educators have access to over 35 000 e-curriculum-aligned content resources.

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Keep your information safe and secure

The school server will be synced to host a copy at the Vodacom Data Centre thus keeping all your information safe in case there’s a server downtime at the school.

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Access the material from anywhere

Educators and learners will be able to access learning material from home or anywhere else, and will be able to use other devices such as smartphones and PCs to access the school server.


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Report on learners performance

Learner performance is sent to the teacher through various reports which provide insight into strengths and weaknesses.

Training provided

Educators will be trained to use the e-books in the classroom, the Learner Management System and Internet resources.

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CAPS aligned curriculum

Content is aimed at Grade 0 – 12. All content is CAPS-aligned and can be tracked and monitored.



How does Vodacom m-Education work?

• Schools that require connectivity are provided with an option to choose from Vodacom’s solutions that includes Broadband LTE, Broadband Connect Fibre, Broadband Connect ADSL and WiFi

• A Content Management System and Learner Management System  (LMS) will be hosted on a server at the school

• Educators’ and learners’ tablets/smartphones can then access the server to download content using the Wi-Fi network

• When away from the school, educators and learners will be able to access content using mobile data and this can be reverse-billed to the school. This means that it won’t cost the Educators and learners a cent!

• Other access mediums can also be used, including the Internet and  usage on this route is expected to be minimal, because the content is stored on the device.

How much does Vodacom m-Education solution cost?

This is a bespoke solution and costing will depend on what the schools requirements are:

1) The m-Educator solution costs from as little as R69 per month, per learner

2) The m-Classroom solution costs from as little as R59 per month, per learner and

3) The m-Learner solution costs from as little as R249 per month, per learner.