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Why choose Vodacom Ineternet of things

We can provide your business with voice and data connectivity to suit your business needs. If you are a small business that just needs email, voice and productivity software or a large enterprise requiring multiple site access and 24/7 support with dedicated secure managed services. Our business connectivity infrastructure provides a resilient platform for your critical business applications, which will help your business perform at it’s best.

Browse our internet solutions to choose the best service for you.

Know our Business Internet Solutions

  Internet LTE Internet Fibre Internet Wireless Internet Satellite Business Connect
Business Size Micro - Medium Small - Large Small - Large Small - Large
(Rural/ Limited LTE/ Microwave coverage)
Medium - Large
Upload / Download Varies Same Varies Varies Varies
Speed 25Mbps AVG 100Mbps 80Mbps 8Mbps 100Mbps
Data Capped Uncapped Capped / Uncapped Capped Unlimited
IP Addressing Static Static Static Static Static
Router Included & Plug & Play Included & Fully installed Included & Fully installed Included & Fully installed Included & Fully installed
Free Services Free Activation
Anytime Data
LTE while you Wait / Installation
Interim / Failover


Confidently connect your business

Business Internet Fibre Image
Business Internet
Business Internet Fibre

Get FREE LTE while you wait & Router Plus FREE Installation & Back up Service

LTE Image
Business Internet

Cut the cord - why use cable when you can connect wirelessly?

Wireless Image
Business Internet

To get connected request a call back or call 082 1960, FREE from a Vodacom cellphone.

Satelite Image
Business Internet

With our latest technology to optimise the satelite link, you get fast and reliable internet access in areas with no or limited coverage.

SD-WAN Image
Business Internet

Expand your horizons with an agile, intelligent enterprise network

Broadband Connect Wireless Image
Business Internet
Business Connect

Uncapped, uncontended, unshaped, managed and business-grade internet over the most feasible of our multiple access mediums.

Wirelesss-air Image
Business Internet
Wireless Air

Simple Fibre-like internet with uncapped access speeds from 4Mbps to 30Mbps at fixed rates and capped service plans

Additional Business Internet solutions

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) Image
DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)

Low-cost, copper-based Internet connectivity that's always on.

Dedicated Internet Access Image
Dedicated Internet Access

Guaranteed high-speed business Internet connectivity.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) Image
VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Keep parts of your business connected via a private managed network.

Business -talk -wireless image
Business -talk -wireless

Fixed Voice Solutions

Business Internet Mall Image
Business Internet Mall

Guaranteed high-speed business Internet connectivity.

Enterprise WiFi Image
Enterprise WiFi

Get next-generation WiFi today!