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Vodacom Digital Advertising offers a range of media solutions in our portfolio and campaign boosters to help you with:

Market research

Brand awareness

Driving traffic to your site

Converting leads into sales

Building customer loyalty


Reach more than 30 million people with over 2 billion impressions per month with Vodacom advertising channels


Ideal for creating awareness for any promotion and to drive traffic to your landing page at scale. Leverage off the reach of Please call me, SMS and voice message alerts.


Ideal for motivating consumers during the decision phase and for driving traffic to your landing pages. Leverage off the Vodacom data and segments to drive higher click-through-rates.


Ideal for keeping your audience engaged with how-to videos, promotions and featured content. With Vodacom's video channels you can also attach your video to a relevant content category.


Build a customer journey that is both mobile centric and user friendly

Data rewards

Give a little to get a lot and reward your audience with data when they engage with your campaign

Site builder

Boost your campaign with Vodacom's data-free site builder and create beautiful landing pages, perfect for lead generation

Digital Advertising Visual Missed Call Keeper

Visual Missed Call Keeper

This is the first of its kind in South Africa. Every time a Vodacom subscriber misses a call or has a voice message, the network sends a notification. In the past, advertisers were able to send a text message with this notification. Now advertisers can include a creative as well to optimize the campaign's performance.

Digital Advertising Please Call Me

Please Call Me

Out of balance? Send a Please Call Me message to any friend or family member by dialling *140*<number>#. Traditionally, this is a free service that is user generated and gives the advertiser reach and volumes to promote their business via a text advert. PCM gets even more interesting with the addition of PCM with Video.

Everything you need to know…

    Vodacom Digital Advertising can help your business create brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, conversion and ultimately help grow your sales by giving you full access to all the Vodacom media which includes text, display, video and audio advertising. You will also have access to our media experts to help you with your marketing message, training and an advertising strategy.

    We have some fantastic partners in the industry and will be happy to share their details with you. Simply email your request to [email protected]

    This is very dependent on the type of campaign and your budget. It is highly recommended that you spend an average of R2 000 per month on digital advertising if you are a start-up or small business. Any campaign must run for a minimum of 3 months to allow you to optimise your campaign creatives, messaging and settings. Keep in mind that targeting does increase the CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) but also increases your click-through rate.

    The bigger the business goals are to attract new customers the bigger the digital advertising budget should be starting at a minimum of R2 000 per month.

    Vodacom inventory starts at R5 CPM (Please Call Me) for Text based campaigns and anything from R30 CPM to R125 CPM depending on your display ad placement and size.

    Vodacom has integrated a trusted and a secure credit card checkout service that accepts Visa, Mastercard and allows for EFT payments. Once payment has been processed your campaign will be made live. You can also obtain a tax invoice by contacting us at [email protected]