Safely access your company’s network and information from anywhere in the world.

  • Fast mobile access, nationally and globally   
  • Cost effective in-bundle and out-of-bundle rates 

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The need for “always on” connectivity to business information and applications through mobile technologies has become vital to every South African business.

Vodacom’s APN (Access Point Name) solution allows you and your employees’ access to your organisation’s network, key applications and information, conveniently and securely from virtually anywhere in the world.  

Real time communication with the office has now become imperative in delivering business benefits:

  • Efficient use of staff time
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased productivity

Corporate APNs (also known as Private APNs) are typically set up to terminate traffic onto an organisation’s LAN. Once a corporate user has established a connection on the corporate APN, the GSM device will be able to exchange data with the customer’s corporate network. Each SIM must first be provisioned on the Corporate’s APN to enable the Vodacom Network to route data traffic to the LAN


Corporate APNs offer you the ability to configure various settings such as IP address ranges, static or dynamic addressing as well as authentication techniques


  • Subscribers that are connected via a Corporate APN are only visible to other devices on the same APN
  • This makes APNs a superior solution in terms of data security when compared to using the public internet APN or any other shared internet access
  • When an APN is used in conjunction with fixed-line backhaul terminating at a customer’s data centre, the organizations data remains on the customer’s private data network between the remote terminal and the data centre
  • The APN solution thus offers a secure mobile VPN 
  • This architecture offers considerably more security than the typical VPN solution that uses a VPN server in conjunction with a software VPN client since the VPN session data traverses the public internet and it is hence more vulnerable.

Cost effective

  • APNs offer a cost effective mobile VPN solution due to the ability to aggregate usage as well as the competitive data pricing
  • In addition APNs applied as part of a mobile VPN solution benefit from having mobile users conform to security and usage policies – this feature limits abuse and improves cost effectiveness

National and global coverage

  • Vodacom’s extensive 3G coverage and network reliability means that mobile users will have fast and secure access across the country
  • Vodacom’s extensive global partner network offers APN users’ access to their APN across the globe
  • For VPN applications it translates into seamless access to all the organization’s applications and data, conveniently and securely virtually anywhere in the world

Complementary products

Vodacom Business offers extensive products to complement the APN solution, these include internet access, access solutions (fibre, diginet & microwave), hosting and SAAS. Our extensive product range allows Vodacom to provide a one-stop shop to our customers to provide a complete end-to-end service.

Design Support

Our Vodacom Business sales team includes dedicated solutions specialists to advise and assist customers with a complete solution design. Our dedicated support teams offer specialised support and assistance for APNs.

Vodacom Spend Manager for Corporate APNs

Vodacom Spend Manager is a mobile telecommunication spend and analysis tool which provides customers with online, near real-time information on their mobile spend across all voice devices, mobile APNs, data devices and telemetry devices.

Vodacom Spend Manager helps to:

  • Manage spend
  • Eliminate abuse
  • Simplify reporting and admin or plan for deployment of any mobile device
  • The service is fully hosted and managed by Vodacom
  • You can simply log in to an online web portal from anywhere to access the easy-to-use interface

LTE speeds now available on Vodacom APNs 

As an LTE user, you can now enjoy LTE speeds when connecting to your Company’s APN. This means faster mobile connectivity for you. Because upload speed is also faster, transferring large files is quicker. This is a free service.

Device setup:

  • Set the device to the LTE/4G preferred option
  • The device will automatically switch to the LTE network when you are within an LTE coverage area

For more information on LTE click here

Subscriber Billed

  • Subscriber billed APNs offer all the features and benefits of a private APN with the main difference being that each individual subscriber is billed separately for the usage on the APN

Reverse Billed 

  • Reverse billed APNs allow customers to aggregate all the data usage of all users that are provisioned onto the APN
  • This model affords customers the convenience of many users consuming from a pool of data rather than each user having its own individual data usage
  • Reverse billed APNs come in two flavours – APNs with bundles and usage-based APNs

Usage Based 

  • The usage-based APN offering offers high volume users a data rate that is based on the monthly consumption – no bundle purchase required
  • The user thus pays a flat data tariff that is based on the usage processed in a given month

Vodacom Corporate APN Plus now offers more value:

  • More bundle sizes are now available from 5GB up to 1TB
  • In-bundle and out-of-bundle rates have been revised and are more cost effective
  • A sliding scale has been introduced for customers who make use of the smaller Corporate APN Plus bundles