Data Management options

Data Management options

Choose your preferred reconnection method

From 1 March, once your data bundles are depleted, internet sessions will stop. To avoid disruption to your business productivity, Vodacom business strongly recommends you consider the following options.

Choose the option that best suits your business and email the relevant documents to [email protected]:


1. Consent to out-of-bundle data usage

We’ve cut our out-of-bundle data pricing from R0.89/MB to R0.49/MB. This means that your employees can continue using data after their bundle has been depleted at a much cheaper rate than before.  

In this way, you can keep your employees confidently and continuously connected.  

To consent to out-of-bundle data charges, simply download both forms, complete and email to us


2. Activate Data Refill Bundles

Data Refill Bundles ensure that you never go out of bundle. Each time all data bundles on your employee’s line are depleted, the refill bundle will be allocated to that line.

For your Top-up lines, refill with R3 for 10MB at R0.30/MB.

For your Contract lines, refill with R12 for 30MB at R0.40/MB

To conveniently activate these bundles for your lines, simply download both forms, complete and email to us