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What Is Business Internet Wireless Air?

Business Internet Wireless Air provides high speed asymmetrical Fibre-like internet connection with speeds from 4Mbps - 30mbps, perfect for your Small or Medium business looking to mobilise the workforce.

In addition, all our offerings include a Huawei DN8245, FREE Installation is applicable on all plans.

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Faster Internet connection speed

Uncapped Business Internet Wireless Air provides high speed Internet with an asymmetrical connection and speeds from 4 Mbps to 30Mbps ensuring your businesses continuity.

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Range of Solutions

No matter the  business size, our Business Internet product suite have a solutions for you. Add a voice line and SAVE up to 20%.

What you will get

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Router included

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FREE installation

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Connect up to 32 users

Business Internet Wireless Air Price plans (incl Vat)

Business Internet Wireless Air 12 Months incl VAT 24 Months incl VAT 36 Months incl VAT Acceptable Use Policy
4/2 Mbps Uncapped R499 R399 R349 200GB
5/2.5 Mbps Uncapped R699 R499 R449 300GB
10/5 Mbps R849 R649 R599 500GB
20/10 Mbps R1 099 R899 R849 800GB
30/15 Mbps R1 399 R1 299 R1 249 1000GB


Frequently asked questions

    Vodacom Business Internet Wireless Air is a microwave type service that connects customers to Business internet via Wireless point to multipoint Radwin radio to Vodacom’s nearest hub site. It is a fixed Wireless alternative providing the end users with a similar Business Internet experience to that of any fixed line Business Intenet service.

    We are fast: Enjoy speeds of up to 30Mbps.
    We are flexible: We offer a choice of multiple uncapped service plans.
    We are reliable: Our Wireless Network is secure, always available and not susceptible to cable theft.
    Business Internet Wireless Air provides high throughput with low latency, fast installation time where the wireless network coverage is available, it’s fast and easy to deploy a new Base Station, and a specific SME cluster area can be connected relatively quickly.

    The service is comprised of a business router, business internet and wireless access that provide high internet connectivity to customers. As an optional extra, customers can subscribe to voice services by means of “adding on” IP Talk VoIP Connections that can be optionally purchased and added to the monthly Wireless Business Internet Service account.

    Why is wireless preferred over copper?

    Since the system is wireless, there’s no waiting for line installation and the service is also not susceptible to theft as copper is.

    What about Telephony?

    Wireless Business Internet comes with optional voice services, offering 2 voice extensions. Additional lines can be ordered and will be dealt with on a per customer request base. Customers wishing to make use of the 2 x analogue voice ports on the business router can subscribe to 2 x IP Talk accounts and use the 087 numbers they receive to make voice calls by plugging analogue handsets into the relevant voice ports on the device.

    Does the service come with Dynamic or Static IP Addresses?

    The service comes with 1 x Static IP address which is free of charge.

    Can I have 5 static IP Addresses?

    No, if you require 5 static IP addresses you can purchase Business Internet Wireless.

    Business Internet Wireless Air is a business service offering layer 2 and Internet connectivity. This is a best effort service as it is subject to a 20:1 contention ratio. We guarantee minimum access speeds (at full contention) to be approximately 1/20 of the subscribed speed or service plan.

    Please note: The above is applicable on the Vodacom network.
    The internet speeds are on a best effort basis depending on the contention and location of the targeted server. Unfortunately, we do not have control over the business internet speeds.

    What are the Fair or Acceptable Usage Policy indicators?

    The Vodacom AUP is designed to assist in protecting the Vodacom Network, the service, our Users and the Internet community as a whole from improper and/or illegal activity over the Internet, to improve service and to improve service offerings. As stipulated in this policy Vodacom reserves the rights to monitor usage and apply certain restrictions if need be.

    Customers that reach their monthly usage limit on Business Internet Wireless Air will be placed in a scavenger class of bandwidth reserved for customers that have reached their limit for the month where they will be throttled to 15% of their subscribed line speed. This will negatively affect their throughput depending on how many customers they have to contend with for the available bandwidth in the scavenger class. The monthly usage limit will reset at the start of every month.

    Please refer to the table below for the AUP limit indicators;

    Vodacom will install the Business Internet Wireless Air service by providing a Business router to which customers can connect over Ethernet or via the Wireless LAN interface. The Ethernet and Wireless LAN interface on the router will be demonstrated as being operational upon provisioning.

    The business service is best effort due to the contended nature of business internet and Vodacom further does not provide any guarantee throughput over the WiLAN interface as we do not have control over numerous factors that influence the Wireless throughput between the router and the end device whether it is a mobile device, computer, CCTV camera as it is impacted by the capabilities of the end user device as well as various physical factors described below;

    • The construction of the building where the devices are housed
    • Location of the router in relation to the end-user device, router could be on a different floor to the end user device connecting to the router on the WiLAN interface.
    • The distance between the router and the end user device.
    • Doubling the distance between router and end device drops the throughput to one-third of its original value. If you are connecting to the router at distances exceeding 30 meters the deployment of a wireless repeater is advised.
    • Objects filled with water also acts as a blockade (fish tanks, radiators) as well as metal objects (flower pots, sculptures).
    • The number of simultaneous connections over the wireless interface also degrades the throughput.
    • Interference in the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands also play a role as most Wireless devices operate in those bands.
    • The maximum speed that one can expect from an 802.11 wireless device is between 30% - 40% of the contended, best effort access bandwidth.

    It is for these reasons that the WiLAN connectivity should never be used as the primary interface.
    Number of concurrent users allowed on the Business Router

    The DN8245 router is wireless LAN-enabled and can handle up to 32 wireless or wired LAN connections.

    Should a business customer be interested to apply for Vodacom Business Internet Wireless Air , they can visit to view the coverage map, log a lead or request a call back.

    To check for Business Internet Wireless Air coverage, visit