What is IP Connect?

Vodacom IP Connect offers dedicated connectivity to our IP infrastructure making use of our hosted and managed services such as voice, dedicated internet, and hosted mail and security applications. It allows you to connect your office to our Vodacom IP network via Metro E fibre, microwave or satellite access medium.

Our IP Connect allows you to access to the following services:

- Unified communications, Lync, Voice-over IP (IP Talk), hosted call centres.
- Dedicated managed internet connectivity
- Access to our hosted infrastructure for dedicated hosting and cloud-based services
- Video conferencing to connect employees in dispersed locations
- Web hosting for large website properties and internet-based application services
- Secure and reliable VPNs

IP Connect Benefits

The Key Benefits of IP Connect

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    A lightning fast, high-capacity, fixed line connectivity solution.

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    Uncapped service offerings

    Layer 3 carrier ethernet connectivity to your hosted internet and voice applications.


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    Includes router

    Delivered over telco-grade (ISO compliant) fibre, microwave and satellite access.

Why get IP Connect?

No extra infrastructure cost

We have our own fibre infrastructure so you don't incur third-party costs, except in areas where we don't have presence.

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Redundancy and failover for high availability

State-of-the-art redundancy and failover technologies guarantee uninterrupted connectivity.

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High-speed connectivity and reliability

You get the highest possible speeds and uninterrupted access for bandwidth-intensive applications such as video-conferencing.

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Hassle-free additional services

Get seamless and cost-effective access to other business services such as VPN, Managed Storage, Tape Back-up and Web Hosting, etc.

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24/7 surveillance and support

SLAs (Service Level Agreements) guarantee service quality including 24/7 surveillance and help desk, on-site installation, support, performance management and reporting.

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Flexibility to choose bandwidth

We offer bandwidths ranging from 1Mbps to 1Gbps and beyond. We can virtually split your traffic on a single link to fit your business needs into VLAN per service, VLAN per port or VLAN trunk.

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To get connected

To get connected request a call back, email us or call 082 1960, FREE from a Vodacom cellphone.

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