What is Vodacom Narrowband IoT?

Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) is a type of Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) radio technology that connects devices to the Internet of Things (IoT). Things that could never be connected before are now part of an LTE-based network with excellent coverage, running on a licensed spectrum. Vodacom NB-IoT offers deep coverage, low-cost hardware, and long battery life.

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The key benefits of Narrowband IoT

  • 01
    Anywhere connectivity

    Strong coverage over large areas, even underground or deep within urban infrastructure over a massive scale and a low bandwidth.

  • 02
    Long battery life

    Great power efficiency and devices can run on batteries for 10 years or more without a recharge.

  • 03
    Cost effective

    Significantly reduced device complexity, functionality, and capability, thus lowering costs.

What does it enable?

Connected_cities Icon
Connected cities

Street lighting
Smart waste
Smart transport
Road traffic monitoring
Smart parking
Infrastructure sensor

Connected_living_and_working Icon
Connected living and working

Pet tracking
Fire safety
Asset tracking
Location security
Smart metering

Connected_industry Icon
Connected industry

Warehouse monitoring
Safety and security

Connected_agriculture icon
Connected agriculture

Animal welfare monitoring
Crop monitoring
Animal tracking
Soil monitoring

Connected_retail Icon
Connected retail

Intelligent stores
Smart connected cabinets
Smart shelves

Connected_health Icon
Connected health

Drug delivery
Wearables for elderly
Smart laboratories

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