Keep your business connected with the apps you need with Business Ticket




Keep your business connected with the apps you need with Business Ticket

Business Ticket


Now, there's a better way to manage your business and employees mobile spend. Vodacom Business Tickets are data bundles that provide access to apps that are essential for your employees, such as email, navigation apps and cloud storage. That means your employees will be connected in the ways that matter to you and your business, with no possibility of misusing their data, leading to increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Here's how Business Ticket can add value to your business:

Control where mobile data is used and ensure always-on connectivity to essential business applications.
Allocate multiple tickets to use across your business depending on the usage of the various divisions.
Choose the apps in each ticket and bundle sizes based on your specific business needs.
Add your tickets to your bill and manage existing tickets via the My Vodacom App or My Vodacom Business.

Here’s what Business Ticket gives you


Collaboration Ticket

Stay connected to your team with these online meeting applications needed to optimize your business performance.

Get 10GB for R179 or 30GB for R259 or 50GB for R389 or 100GB for R649 all (incl. VAT) once-off or recurring bundle


Email Ticket

Ensure your business and your employees are always connected to the email applications they need.

Get 1GB for R59 (incl. VAT) once-off or recurring bundle


Email Plus Ticket

Stay connected with the email applications you need to optimise your business performance.

Get 2GB for R89 (incl. VAT) once-off or recurring bundle


Navigation Ticket

Ensure your employees are always moving in the right direction with access to multiple map applications to enable travel efficiency.

Get 3GB for R99 (incl. VAT) once-off or recurring bundle


Cloud Ticket

Ensure your employees can access data and back-up to the cloud anytime and anywhere.

Get 5GB for R159 (incl. VAT) once-off or recurring bundle


Social Ticket

Keep in touch with these social applications and grow your social network.

Get 1GB for R60 (incl.VAT) once-off or recurring bundle


How to buy a business ticket


Dial *135#





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