Why Vodacom for AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing platform that offers a wide range of services to businesses of all sizes. By leveraging the power of AWS cloud services, you can reach the next step of your digital transformation journey and unlock new opportunities for growth. Whether you need to scale your infrastructure, improve your security, or gain insights from your data, Vodacom's AWS cloud services can help you achieve your goals. With our help, you can increase your competitiveness, reduce your costs, and improve your customer experience. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your business to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about how Vodacom's Amazon cloud solution can help you achieve your goals.

Amazon Web Services Key Benefits

The Key Benefits of Amazon Web Services

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    Data Security

    Offering customers' peace of mind in knowing their data is safe

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    Tailored Solutions

    Customised services with the guaranteed support of our skilled AWS team.

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    A flexible, cost-effective and on-demand service.

What do we offer?

    With AWS Cloud, Vodacom Business can help businesspeople with their cloud journey, to migrate their traffic, which results in our customers being able to do a lot of analytics, forecasting, projections, proactive maintenance and churn predictions. With the information sitting in the cloud, the data can be harnessed from anywhere while giving you hassle-free consumption through one Vodacom Bill.  

    • Move from Credit Card Billing to One-Vodacom Bill for AWS services
    • Local Currency Billing
    • 60 Day Invoice Term

    Services that get you going in Public Cloud.

    AWS Cloud Migration Services - Transform your success on Cloud with scale, speed, and agility

    Get everything you need to fully migrate to the cloud and improve your business productivity.

    Key features of migrating with AWS from Vodacom:

    • Access essential discovery, analysis, and planning tools from a single location to build your migration plan.
    • Accelerate your migration to AWS by building an automated migration factory.
    • Access AWS expertise to plan your migration and meet your business objectives.
    • Save time by using proven workflow templates that you can customize to address your specific needs.

    AWS Cloud Assessment - Get cloud migration right with an assessment tailored for you

    Take stock on your readiness to migrate to AWS Cloud by analysing  your infrastructure, resources, needs and goals of transformation and migration costs.

    Key features of doing an AWS cloud assessment with Vodacom:

    • Get measurable goals that align Cloud migration with business objectives
    • Determine which apps, databases, and servers you want to migrate first
    • Map your applications, choose the right tools, and detail a transition plan

    AWS Cloud Devops Automation- Streamline your processes, collaboration and organizational culture for agility

    Our Cloud migration services are based on a reliable framework that automates routine, repeatable tasks such as provisioning, configuring and deploying infrastructure. It also helps design applications for greater stability and standardization

    Key features for automation:

    • Deploy faster, provision resources efficiently and monitor continuously
    • Build applications quickly and easily with automation and collaboration
    • Audit continuously, ensure compliance and accelerate high quality delivery

    AWS Disaster Recovery Service - Ensure business continuity with a solid recovery plan

    An on-premise disaster recovery solution can be expensive and difficult to maintain. Vodacom AWS offers a comprehensive solution to recover your system and networks and ensures minimum data loss, risk distribution and quick recovery of critical applications and data

    Key disaster recovery features:

    • Leverage disaster recovery planning
    • Meet your RTO and RPO
    • Achieve high availability

    AWS Cloud Advisory - Get the best advice on everything AWS

    Our consulting services focuses on understanding your business and IT environment to help you identify a cloud strategy that’s best suited for your growth. We believe in measurable outcomes, and we facilitate a migration roadmap that is supported by strong business cases. 

    Key advisory features :

    • Determine what to migrate to cloud
    • Identify the right migration strategy
    • Find out how to save costs on cloud

    AWS CloudFontGet Speed, Security & Performance for Your Web Content

    Deliver static, dynamic, streaming and interactive content using a network of edge locations globally at scale with high transfer speed and enhanced security.

    Key CloudFont features:

    • Distribute content from anywhere
    • Tap CloudFront’s global network
    • Deliver content for your website

    Services that ensure you are using public cloud efficiently. 

    AWS Managed Services - Get AWS Cloud to Perform for You and Optimize for Continuous Succes

    Our AWS Managed Services for business customers ensures uninterrupted operations backed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to pre-empt and tackle outages, performance issues and attacks. We help you lower cost, accelerate business processes, and minimize time to value.

    Key managed services features:

    • Ensure AWS optimization with continuous monitoring and costs savings
    • Get 24*7*365 access to cloud experts for streamlined resolution
    • Implement best practices, security, compliance and governance

    AWS Cost Optimization & Governance - Get more for less from AWS Cloud

    Achieve cost-efficiency by applying best practices and customized approaches in the design, delivery, and maintenance of AWS environments.

    Key cost optimization features:

    • Leverage cloud expertise to understand AWS spend and rein in costs based on insights
    • Optimize AWS environment for efficiency, and resource availability, avoiding waste
    • With monitoring, best practices and visibility, design budgeting that focuses on your customer

    AWS Well Architected Review - Enhance your Cloud Architecture with Discovery and Evaluation

    Underlying architecture must be solidly built on a foundation of security, reliability and self-healing capabilities. This framework provides a reference point to assess the qualities of a modern Cloud-based system and remediation required to achieve those qualities.

    Key architected features:

    • View your architecture against AWS best practices to identify areas for improvement
    • Streamline your architecture for operational excellence, cost optimization, and reliability
    • Reduce risk by protecting your data and system, and improve security and standards

    The Vodacom Difference

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    Access to a team of over 300 AWS-certified experts


    24/7/365 Support

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    AWS Advanced Consulting Partner accreditation

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    With AWS Partner Funding, Vodacom Business has the muscle to accelerate our customer's cloud journey by reducing the expenses normally accrued by the customers

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