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Carrier National Long Distance Benefits

The key benefits of Carrier National Long Distance

  • 01
    Transfer large amounts of data

    The ability to successfully transfer large amounts of data between sites with
    low latency and the best routing options enabled through an intelligent network.

  • 02
    Cost effective

    Cost effective monthly pricing based on bandwidth and access type, on-demand pricing available soon.

  • 03
    Transmit different streams of data

    The ability to transmit different streams of data simultaneously.

More benefits

Global connectivity

Integrated into our submarine system allowing for global connectivity.


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Flexible bandwidth options

Flexible bandwidth options ranging from 1 Gbps to 100 Gbps. On-Demand speed coming soon.


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24/7 Support

Support provided 24/7

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Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements offered on availability.

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Monitoring - Advanced monitoring services available on demand.

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Reliable and resilient high-speed backbone

Reliable and resilient high-speed backbone, Vodacom's Ethernet services are built on our own Fibre Infrastructure.