A Ready Business is Connected Wirelessly.

Enjoy uncapped, fast speeds from 10Mbps to 80Mbps Now with NO Fair Usage Policy (monthly limitations) - no copper lines required and fast installation times.

In addition, all our offerings include a TP Link MR600 router plus FREE installation on 24 and 36 months.

Faster internet connection speed

Reliable and fast Business Internet speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 80Mbps, and uncapped service plans at fixed Broadband Internet rates.

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Committed Voice Channel (CVC)

An optional add-on service with a protected voice channel that separates your voice traffic from data traffic, giving priority to voice.

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Making a call over the internet

The optional voice service offers cost savings up to 20% on your monthly voice account and FREE on-net calling from one Vodacom IP-Talk to another Vodacom IP-Talk connected user.

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One-stop business connect

No matter which service plan you choose, we will install all the necessary equipment including a versatile Business Internet router. You can also order value-added services such as VoIP and basic cloud services.

Business Internet Wireless Plans

Plans Installation (Incl. VAT) 12 Months +
Installation Applicable
24 Months +
FREE Installation
36 Months +
FREE Installation
10Mbps Uncapped R999 R1224 R599 (Black Friday Special) R549 (Black Friday Special)
20Mbps Uncapped R999 R1374 R699 (Black Friday Special) R649 (Black Friday Special)
40Mbps Uncapped R1999 R1744 R1199 (Black Friday Special) R1149 (Black Friday Special)
80Mbps Uncapped R2500 R3499 R2899 R2340


Business Internet Wireless LTE Failover (Incl. VAT)

Service Plans 12 Months 24 Months 36 Months 
50GB R149 R129 R99
100GB R189 R159 139


Business Internet Wireless Interim Access (LTE) (Incl. VAT)

*Only available on the 80Mbps service plan

Monthly GB Allocation Contract Period  Monthly Subscription
50GB Month-to-Month R299
100GB Month-to-Month R399
200GB Month-to-Month R599


Top Up plans (Incl.VAT)

Business Internet Wireless Service Plans

Service Plan Download (Kbps) Upload (Kbps)
2Mbps (Discontinued) 2048 2048
4Mbps (Discontinued) 4096 4096
8Mbps (Discontinued) 8192 8192
10Mbps 10240 10240
20Mbps 20480 20480
30Mbps (Discontinued) 30720 30720
40Mbps 40960 40960
80Mbps 81920 81920


The Vodacom difference

Leading network

We're a leading network with a wide range of ultra-fast business products.

Business challenge

We have a range of solutions to solve challenges for businesses of all sizes.

Internet of Things

Vodacom Internet of Things is rated #1 Most Progressive and Influencial in South Africa by IoT analysts.


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