Internet of Things (IoT)


Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming assets into intelligent devices. Sensors and other electronic devices are attached to a remote machine enabling the capturing of critical information such as temperature, speed, location, etc. This data can be transmitted and translated into meaningful information which can then be augmented with external data sources, providing you with real business intelligence and decision-making ability.

Here’s how our IoT solutions can add value to your business:

Access smart systems to manage resources in the right ways and reduce costs inefficiencies.
Track & communicate the condition, location and performance of your critical assets - from anywhere!
Make better decisions and maximise resources by using data analytics from connected devices.
Gather and analyse purchasing data to interact with your customers in a unique and personalised way.

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See how we’re changing lives and businesses



Our IoT solutions are becoming an integral part of patient care, helping to cut costs as well as save lives across continent.



Our IoT business is at the forefron of innovation supporting sustainable agricultural practices acress the continent.



We deliver solutions which enable the digitalisation of the supply chain to improve efficiencies and implementations safeguards.


Transport and Logistics

We deliver solutions which enable the digilitasation of the supply chain to improve efficiencies and implementing safeguards.



We're enabling utility eco-system stakeholders to gather information to improve utility efficiency & reduce wastage.


Manufacturing and Industry

From asset tracking to remote monitoring and fleet management, we're increasing control and reducing costs.


Real Estate 

Intergrate building systems and sensors to create automation of processes, improve security and asset efficiency. 


We’re continously adding value

Discover the Internet of Things with Vodacom

Watch the video to see how IoT could transform and revolutionise everyday living.

Vodacom launches Narrowband Internet of Things

We’re addressing the urgent need for a low-power way to connect thousands of devices in the field.

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