IoT in Agriculture

Our Vodacom IoT business is at the forefront of innovation supporting sustainable agricultural practices across the continent. IoT has a much wider impact on the nation’s economies and in the case of agriculture, IoT is expected to help improve agriculture productivity, address food security, create jobs and increase incomes in the agriculture sector.

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Key Benefits of IoT in Agriculture

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    Precision Agriculture

    Improve accurate planting, watering, pesticide application and harvesting.

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    Smart Production

    Farmers are able to monitor and improve their production line with IoT sensors that monitors all sorts of machinery & data

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    Data driven decision making

    By using metrics, facts and data to guide operational and strategic decision-making

Let us help you develop your Smart Farm

    We have a host of connectivity solutions that may assist you but we understand that your business may operate in areas where there is no GSM coverage. We have recommended the following solution to farming communities.


    Microwave uses radio waves to transmit data between any two points, without the need for fixed lines. It is an antenna we install on your farmhouse together with a router. This solution requires line of site to the nearest base station in order to provide you with data.

    Business Satellite

    It is a satellite dish that we install on your farmhouse that can be used to get access to the internet from anywhere in South Africa, do not that satellite has the highest latency from our offerings but is a good option in isolated areas.

    Cellular Signal Booster

    A signal booster amplifies an existing cell signal. The booster works by receiving the signal from outside your farmhouse and amplifies it in your house. The installation of a gsm signal booster is very. In areas where there is no signal coverage this solution will not work.


    With many remote items of equipment and assets capable of gathering and processing large amounts of data or needing to be constantly connected, now is the time to consider Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technologies. Our solutions are designed for remote locations, whether they are underground, across countryside or in areas with poor coverage – we can help you to connect any number of IoT devices.

    Our technologies operate on the same licensed mobile networks that we use for consumer and enterprise customers, allowing them to benefit from existing network resilience and security. This makes them ideal to connect devices that demand an extremely high quality of service because they often provide critical functions, like water pipe monitoring or smart meters.

    That’s why everything changed with the introduction of Low Power, Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technologies like Narrowband (NB-IoT)

    Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technologies can help with various aspects of smart farming, including: 

    Agriculture Connectivity
    These use of IoT in agriculture allows farmers to connect various equipment and assets in remote locations, allowing them to gather and process large amounts of data, monitor crop growth and soil conditions, and control irrigation systems remotely. 

    Precision Farming
    LPWAN technologies enable smart farming using IoT by providing real-time data on crop growth and soil conditions, allowing farmers to make more informed decisions on planting, fertilization, and pest control. 

    Livestock Tracking
    IoT technologies can be used to track livestock and monitor their health, location, and behavior. This can help farmers to ensure the welfare of their animals and improve efficiency in managing their herds. 

    Smart Production
    This technology can be used to monitor and control production processes, such as in greenhouses, to optimize yields and reduce waste. 

    IoT for agricukture can be used to improve communication between farmers, equipment, and other stakeholders, such as suppliers and buyers, to facilitate better coordination and decision-making. 

    By using LPWAN technologies to enhance IoT in agriculture, farmers can access and utilize data from various sources in real-time, which can help them to make better decisions and ultimately improve the efficiency and productivity of their operations. 

    With precision agriculture, farmers and soils become more efficient. Precision farming enables you to achieve optimal output at minimal input. Make informed decisions about your farm through the data that can be extracted using various sensors and data sources. Fields are able to be subdivided  through gathering information from the fields in real-time by observation and measurement, then responding to inter- and intra-field variability in crops. This in turn ensures the right amount of inputs is used on the field. Recommendations from the data inform the farmer when to apply nutrients, water, seeds, and other agricultural inputs to grow more crops in a wide range of soil environments.


    MyFarmWeb™ is an interactive, cloud-based platform, accessed through any browser, for storing, visualizing and comparing all types of maps, geographic and IoT generated agricultural data.

    With smart production, Farmers are able to monitor and improve how their production line at the farms. IoT sensors are able to get valuable data that can assist to improve their production and provide decision support. We can monitor all sorts of machinery data and assist to improve the lifespan of these assets.

    Communications is vital to every business, in the agriculture environment we understand that we need purpose fit devices that can ensure information is shared in real-time. Our innovative and user-friendly suite of solutions allows you to communicate, monitor, equip and energize your farm workers. Accountability and real-time reporting comes standard at every point of contact and is instantly available at the click of a button.

    Our IoT Solutions are trusted by premier brands across the globe. Talk to us about measurable results attained in the security, facility management, military, logistics, cleaning, health care, mining, construction and public sectors (police, ambulance services, traffic and waste management etc.).

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