Digital CO-X

Digital Co-X consists of industry-experienced platform value engineers, seasoned in strategy, technology and design, focused on unlocking new growth paths through purposeful collaboration. Andy Wilson, Kirtan Sita, and Abdul Mirza lead the Digital Co-X capability within Vodacom Business.

They are focused on amplifying Vodacom's Digital voice and presence in the enterprise market by collaborating and delivering new digital propositions that go beyond traditional telco services and into new platform strategies.

Digital Co-X Intro

More on the digital CO-X value proposition

Through a consultative approach, Digital Co-X bridges the critical gap between business strategy and value realisation. Digital Co-X is led by the joint purpose of Vodacom and its clients, with an understanding of their business challenges and aspirations. They leverage diverse capabilities, across our Vodasphere and partner ecosystem to deliver integrated and 'multi-relational’ platform solutions that enable businesses to innovate and grow.

 In recent successful collaborations and co-creation partnerships, Digital Co-X have empowered frontline workers through sustainable digital and financial inclusion and created a framework to collaborate across ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) solutions. As digital innovators, their aim is to guide our clients through a successful digital transformation journey that will reduce their cost base, increase revenue, re-invigorate customer experience and refresh efficiencies. The future certainly looks brighter with this open ecosystem approach where everybody works together to succeed.

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