What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol give the ability to originate and terminate VoIP minutes with Vodacom network access, using a geographic (021, 031, etc.) or non-geographic (087) telephone number. VoIP uses the latest IP technology to provide high-quality voice calls and competitive voice rates, and can be utilised by businesses of all sizes. You can also combine voice and data transfer over the same access (Business Internet Fibre, LTE and Wireless).

VoIP Benefits

The Key Benefits of VoIP

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    SAVE up to 20% on your monthly voice calls. Vodacom VoIP-to-VoIP (on-net) calls within your business branches are free!

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    Suits your business needs

    Different VoIP minute bundles (250, 500 and unlimited) are available to suit your business needs. T&Cs apply.

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    VoIP telephone number

    Port your geographic telephone number(s) to the Vodacom network or we can allocate new telephone numbers to your business.

Why Get VoIP?

Easier than ever to manage

No need to get a separate phone or PBX for your business; our VoIP service connects to most Private Branch Exchanges.

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Flexible and competitive call rates

No surcharge beyond the fixed cost that you pay for your internet connection and VoIP minutes.

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Don’t lose sleep over infrastructure

No capital investment required. All you need is internet connectivity and we manage the rest.



Vodacom's VoIP packages and services make it easy for businesses to manage their telecommunication needs. Our VoIP packages Connect to most Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs) without the need for a separate phone or PBX. Enjoy flexible and competitive call rates, with no additional surcharge beyond the fixed cost for internet connection and VoIP minutes. Vodacom eliminates the need for any capital investment, as all that is required is internet connectivity, and they manage the rest.  

Choose from different VoIP calling plans that cater to different needs, starting from 250 anytime minutes up to unlimited anytime minutes. Additionally, Vodacom offers core services such as VoIP - Interbranch, VoIP - Local & National, and VoIP - Cellular that can help businesses to save on calls made to anywhere in South Africa, and eliminate the possibility of network congestion, poor voice quality and latency. 


How Much Does VoIP Cost?

250 Anytime minutes

500 Anytime minutes

*Unlimited Anytime minutes

R134,99 PM

R234,99 PM

R399,99 PM

  • Fair usage policy (FUP) of 3000 minutes to the unlimited minute bundle
  • International calls are excluded /charged separately
  • Out of bundle rates apply

The Vodacom VoIP Product Portfolio Consists of These Core Services:

VoIP - Interbranch

Connects your company's various geographically distributed PBXs to the Vodacom MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) IP network.

It allows voice calls between branches to be routed seamlessly via the Vodacom IP network and SD-WAN as well.

VoIP - Local & National

Save significantly on calls made to anywhere in SA.

VoIP calls are carried nationally over your data connection on our MPLS IP network, to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

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VoIP - Cellular

Calls made to other cellphone users are routed over the Vodacom data network.

This eliminates the possibility of network congestion, poor voice quality and latency.



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Terms and conditions apply.


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