Conference Call Advanced

Welcome to the borderless boardroom!

Conference Call Advanced
  • Make a single phone call to set up virtual meetings across the world
  • Set up FREE multi-party, dedicated conference calls
  • Book your conference call at any time
  • Available to participants on any South African network – mobile and fixed

To set up a conference call

Call 0862 800 800 and follow the voice prompts

What is Conference Call Advanced?

Conference Call Advanced is a multi-party call conference facility that allows up to five Contract, Top Up and Prepaid customers to hold a mobile conference.

Why should I use Conference Call Advanced?

Hassle-free set-up

Call a single number to set up conferences.

Enjoy the FREE service

You only pay for the call which is charged at the rate determined by your price plan.

Open access to any South African network

Access is available to participants on our world-class network, as well as all other mobile and fixed-line networks in South Africa.


How much does Conference Call Advanced cost?

How do I set up a conference call?

To set up a reserved conference: 

Via phone

1. Call 0862 800 800

2. Select option 2

3. Follow the prompts

4. Send your chosen conference ID and PIN to the participants.



SMS the word ‘CONF’ to 0862 800 800 and follow the instructions


To set up an unreserved conference:

Via phone

1. Call 0862 800 800

2. Decide on a random 6-digit conference ID

3. Send your chosen ID to the participants

To join a Reserved Conference:

1. Call 0862 800 800

2. Select option 1

3. Follow the prompts


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