Why Vodacom for Cyber Security?

Our cyber security approach focuses on minimising the risk of cyber incidents that affect your networks and services. To help us identify and manage the risks, we constantly evaluate and challenge new technologies, government policies and regulation, and cyber threats. We conduct regular reviews of the most significant security risks affecting your business and develop strategies to detect, prevent and respond to them.

Managed Security Solution

Allows you to assess the complexities of your business ecosystems, to detect real-time threats for you to protect your infrastructure, location and data. so that you can have a better respond to minimize the impact should an attack occur.

Vodacom CybSafe

Vodacom CybSafe empowers your workforce to make informed decisions, improving security culture and changing security behaviors whilst offering support and assistance to reduce risk and prove compliance.

Vodacom Lookout

Vodacom's Lookout Security Solutions secures your business mobile and tablet devices against threats to various applications, devices, networks, and phishing-based risks.

Vodacom Trend Micro

Vodacom' in partnership with Trend Micro gives you peace of mind with simple, complete and trusted threat protection that constantly learns, adapts and shares intelligence to keep your business protected.

Norton Mobile Security

The types of threats targeting mobile devices differs and so the functionality provided by the security apps is tailored to the type of protection supported by the underlying operating system.

Secure Enterprise
Vodacom Secure Enterprise

Protect your data with best of breed cyber security and managed threat detection. Secure Enterprise is an agile framework of services that can be selected to meet your specific secure connectivity needs.

Perimeter Security

A managed hosted shared or dedicated Vodacom Firewall solution provides the maximum level of perimeter protection to your internal network connectivity to the Internet, including optional built-in UTM (Universal Threat Management).

Samsung Knox
Vodacom Samsung Knox

Samsung Knox was built to help businesses and professionals to enhance their workflows, and to enable them to innovatively use and manage devices. Samsung Knox from Vodacom caters to businesses of all sizes from small start-ups to large enterprises.


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