Never miss another order ever again

If you're a small supplier, with no enterprise resource planning software, then you've come to the right place. VodaTrade Supplier Portal allows you to integrate parts of your business with your trading partners for improved processes and efficiency.
Email notifications are sent to alert you to new orders to ensure that all orders are received and fulfilled quickly and efficiently.

Improved processes and efficiency

SME: Transaction automation, KPI management
Larger corporates: EDI, Document Tracking, KPI Management 

Here’s how it the supplier portal works


VodaTrade Supplier Portal

  • Log in to the secure VodaTrade Supplier Portal
  • Update and manage your user profile
  • Receive orders from your trading partner
  • Process the order according to its specific requirements
  • View all your orders and their statuses


Trading supplier flexibility

In addition, as a small supplier you have the flexibility to adjust the quantities of your orders and notify your trading partners about any delivery limitations.


Automate your essential business functions with Trading Gateway

Business Challenges

  • Too many trading partners to manage
  • Lack of control over ordering process
  • Manual processes increase human error
Digital Solutions

  • One portal to manage all trading partners
  • Complete control over ordering process
  • Automated digital innovations
Business Benefits

  • Efficient ordering processes
  • Improved service levels
  • Increased productivity and income

Introducing the VodaTrade Supplier Portal, your solution for efficient supply chain automation and supplier relationship management. Suppliers without ERP software can now streamline their operations with our innovative platform that seamlessly connects you with trading partners, optimizing supplier management, and enhancing efficiency.
With our user-friendly portal, you can easily update your profile, receive and process orders, and monitor order statuses. Embrace automation with the VodaTrade Supplier Portal and overcome the challenges of managing multiple trading partners, gain control over the ordering process, and reduce manual errors.

Apply now and experience the future of supplier management. 



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Trading Gateway

Automate your business


Everything you need to know…

    • Efficient ordering processes
    • Improved service levels
    • Increased productivity and income

    By logging into the secure VodaTrade Portal, new orders will be displayed on the dashboard post-login. These orders can be processed by clicking on Orders from the menu bar.

    • Potential new trading partners can be viewed under "Partner Marketplace".
    • To trade with a new partner, click on "Connect Me" to start the setup process. Once the new trading partner has been connected, they will appear under "My Partners".

    Read the Vodacom Payment Services (Pty) Ltd Privacy Notice here and PAIA Manual here.

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