What is Perimeter Security?

Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) for protection against malicious attacks, are seen as the most critical first line of defence ensuring a secure network. A managed hosted shared or dedicated Vodacom Firewall solution provides the maximum level of perimeter protection to your internal network connectivity to the internet, including optional bulit-in UTM (Universal Threat Management) features.

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Key Perimeter Security Benefits

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    Robust First Line of Defence

    Acts as a robust first line of defense against malicious attacks. Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) are essential components that form a protective barrier between your internal network and the internet.

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    Cost-Effective Outsourced Solutions

    The managed hosted shared firewall solution, in particular, provides an efficient and economical option for businesses. In this model, services are available through a shared, multi-tenanted UTM (Universal Threat Management) device, effectively distributing the costs among multiple users.

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    Comprehensive Package

    Offers a comprehensive perimeter security package, combining essential elements for robust protection. This package includes not only the firewall itself but also features like optional failover/high-availability, intrusion prevention, and network anti-virus capabilities.

Perimeter Security solution offerings

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