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Vodacom Mobile Private Networks (MPN) can deliver new possibilities for next-generation businesses - with Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) unlocking even more potential. The combined solution delivers secure connectivity and powerful computing in real-time from the edge of the network - in places that previously couldn’t be connected. It’s time to make the impossible possible - with networking which gives your business the edge.


The key benefits of Vodacom MPN

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    Discover Mobile Private Networks

    A MPN is a local network built to cover a specific location, able to deliver better service with more control and security.

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    Business possibilities without limits on location

    Imagine if places that were impossible to connect could be fully networked, bringing computing power to your employee's, equipment and assets.

What’s in it for you?

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Always-on business

The resilience of MPN means less downtime and first-class performance. When combined with MEC, you'll see greater business responsiveness - as your data can be collected, analysed and acted upon locally.

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Your requirements met

MPN is tailored to your requirements - addressing your connectivity and speed needs now and in the future. MEC also offers the same flexibility as the Public Cloud, which traditionally allows users to scale up or down the computing power that they need.

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Smarter operations

With data being collected and actioned at the edge of a Private Network, non-time critical data can be streamed to the cloud when bandwidth needs are lower, leading to improved performance and cost savings.

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More choice

From improving worker safety to creating intelligent assets, we can connect your equipment via the right technology including 4G, 5G and Narrowband-IoT.

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Staying secure

MPN is built with your business - and only your business - in mind. We keep your data safe since it does not leave your site.

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