What is Video Collaboration?

Discover the ease of live video calls with Video Collaboration – a custom-made, fully managed service for video conference calls. Perfect for any device, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, our service ensures high-quality live video chats across our all-fibre network. Whether you're using our video chat app for a quick meeting or connecting multiple locations for a full-scale conference, Our solution is designed to meet your needs. Our technology detects the type of connection and customises the video conference feed to give you the best quality and performance. 

You can share desktops to get more done in less time and make team meetings more productive by breaking down distance barriers and enabling quick decisions. Explore how our Video Collaboration service can enhance your business communication and productivity. 

Video Collaboration Benefits

The Key Benefits of Video Collaboration

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    Fully managed

    A custom-made video conferencing service that runs across our fibre network. 

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    Connect on any device

    Available for meeting rooms, desktops, cellphones and other portable devices. 

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    Join remotely from anywhere

    Reduce your travel and accommodation costs.

Types of Video Collaboration Services

Service Type Meeting Room Desktop Mobile
What it does

Connects groups of people in meeting rooms across different locations.

Allows individuals on a desktop to dial into the meeting making use of a Virtual Meeting Room via a license or the web.

Allows individuals on the road to dial into the meeting making use of a Virtual Meeting Room using their mobile device.

Who it’s for All businesses can use it.
Solutions are custom built to fit the size of your business.

Individuals, SMEs, medium and large businesses.

Travelling executives and employees that can dial in remotely.

What it includes

• Custom-made video call solution to cater for your business needs.
• Video conferencing equipment including high definition displays.
• High definition cameras and microphones.


A web-based video call and conferencing solution or an app that can be loaded on your laptop or desktop.

A web-based video call solution or an app that can be loaded onto a smartphone or tablet.


Why Get Video Collaboration?

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Dedicated onsite Customer Premise Equipment

Reduce your travel and accommodation costs by making use of your devices to connect people in different locations.

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Care for the environment

Limit the carbon footprint of your company with less travel and reduced paper usage.

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Hosted bridging platform

Make use of the Vodacom Hosted Conferencing Bridge with Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMRs).

How Much Does Video Collaboration Cost?

The cost of this service depends on your business requirements.
To find out how much this service will cost, request a call back

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