What is Wholesale APN?

An Access Point Name (APN) is a point of entry onto an IP network for a mobile device. An APN can be either private or public. Private APNs are also known as corporate APNs within the South African industry.

A public APN is typically associated with all subscribers by default, for example, our Vodacom public internet APN allows all subscribers access to the internet by default. For a subscriber to be able to access a particular APN, the subscriber’s SIM must be provisioned on that APN. 

Corporate APNs are typically set up to terminate their traffic onto their own network. Once a corporate user has established a connection on the corporate APN, the GSM device will be able to exchange data with the corporate network. Customers purchasing a corporate APN have the liberty to choose the name of their APN with the following constraints:
a) The APN name may not contain any special characters.
b) The APN name must be in lowercase and be 30 characters or less.

Product Option: Reverse Billed APN

For reverse-billed APNs with bundles, wholesale clients will purchase a monthly recurring data bundle which will be shared by their subscribers/customers. Each wholesaler’s end-client will have their APN provisioned and serviced by the master APN bundle. Rates are aligned to bundle usage and additional usage will be billed at the same rate.

The APN Value Proposition

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Private APNs offer corporates the ability to configure various settings such as IP address ranges, static or dynamic addressing, as well as authentication techniques.

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Subscribers that are connected via a private APN are only visible to other devices on the same APN. This makes APNs a superior solution in terms of data security when compared to using the public internet APN or any other shared internet access.

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Cost effectiveness

APNs offer a cost-effective mobile VPN solution due to the ability to aggregate usage as well as the competitive data pricing. In addition, APNs applied as part of a mobile VPN solution benefit from having mobile users conform to security and usage policies.

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National Coverage

Our extensive coverage and network reliability means that mobile users will have fast and secure access across the country.

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Global Coverage

Our extensive global partner network offers APN users access to their APN across the globe. International roaming charges apply.

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Design Support

Our sales team includes dedicated solutions specialists to advise and assist customers with a complete solution design.

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After-sales Support

Our dedicated support teams offer specialised support and assistance for APNs.


To get connected

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