What is AitaHealth?

AitaHealth, an intelligent smart phone based application that empowers Community Health Workers ( CHW’s) to deliver preventative care services to communities on a home base level. AitaHealth support both administrative and clinical decision-making on a real-time basis.

How AitaHealth works?

The AitaHealth workflow starts with the registration of the household and all its members. The health worker complete a triage assessment for each household member, thereafter an overall assessment of the households living environment is then done. Based on the outcomes of the triage assessment follow-up visit are scheduled and prioritised based on a predefined clinical decision support process.

Key Features of AitaHealth

Each phone is associated with a specific CHW. In this way all data captured is linked to the CHW, their Ward and the Health Facility they report to.

The built-in interactive decision support feature empowers CHWs to identify health risks in real time.

Built-in on the spot data validation checks automatically if the CHW is entering data in the correct format. This ensures record and database integrity.

The integral skip logic features ensure that CHW’s only capture relevant information based on the demographics of the household.

The onboard GPS captures the location of the household registered.

A full task management feature allows CHWs to schedule follow-up visits and track their daily tasks.

Consent for registration and research purposes is captured with an electronic signature.

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