AitaHealth Benefits

The Key Benefits of Vodacom AitaHealth

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    Easy reporting

    Quickly and accurately record, manage and report all healthcare service information.

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    Eliminate mistakes

    Ensure quality with built-in validation checks when entering data.

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    Make better decisions

    Provides health workers with more administrative and clinical decision-making support when they need it.

What is Vodacom AitaHealth?

This intelligent smartphone-based application empowers Community Health Workers (CHWs) to deliver preventative care services to communities on a home-based level. AitaHealth supports both administrative and clinical decision-making on a real-time basis, and enables the capturing of registration and health assessment details of the households they visit directly on their smartphones.

Mobile Technology Brings Healthcare Into People's Homes

AitaHealth Features

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Ward-based outreach teams, reporting to one specific health facility, consist of many Community Health Workers (CHWs).

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CHWs visit households to register members and access their health status using the AitaHealth mobile application.

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During a triage assessment, the CHWs identify individuals with possible health risks. They then schedule follow-up visits to these households or provide them with counselling or home-based care.

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Aggregated data is available on different levels: ward, sub district, provincial and national. Individuals' confidential information is only available to CHWs and team leaders.

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