Stock Visibility

What is the Stock Visibility solution?

The Stock Visibility Solution (SVS) makes a smartphone and application bundle available to dispensing facilities to capture stock levels on a daily basis. The information synchronizes in real time to a cloud-hosted server that automates alerts and reports for the benefit of various levels of supply chain management.

How Stock Visibilty works?

The Stock Visibility Solution (SVS) allows health clinic dispensaries to report on stock levels on the shelves through a custom-built mobile application. Based on data reported from the clinics, SVS then automates reporting via SMS and e-mail to sub-district, district and provincial management.
This data allows pharmacy supply chain management to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the distribution of stock, which in turn increases access to quality medicine. Through SVS, the National Department of Health has access to granular stock level data from the last mile.

Key benefits of Stock Visibility

Medicine catalogue management

Add and remove items centrally and synchronize to facility level in real time.

Clinical profile &registration

Complete clinic profile with staff contact details and GPS coordinates for geo-spatial mapping which includes the geographic location and characteristics of the clinic.

Mobile stock level capturing

Capture stock levels per facility through a lightweight Android application.

Data security & access

Applications synchronize in real time to cloud-hosted data warehousing to ensure data is always accessible but still secure.


Access real-time reports through the internet and mobile apps in any format and configure automated e-mail reports to different stakeholders.

Stock-out report analysis

Instantly compare the number of facilities that stock a particular item with the number of facilities that are out of stock of a particular item.

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