People and Spaces Monitoring Benefits

The Key Benefits of People and Spaces Monitoring

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    Single dashboard view

    Get insight into the number of people in a building/space or queue, as well as vehicle turnover on roads at intersections or parking lots.

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    Real-time data

    Manage occupancy through the collection of real-time information, assisting with social distancing by ensuring buildings or spaces are not overcrowded.


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    Visibility and efficiency

    This can be bundled with time and attendance systems to efficiently measure the number of staff that needs to be deployed ensuring customer conversion, while adhering.

People and Spaces Monitoring Why
Product overview
Why use People and Spaces Monitoring?

In partnership with IoT.nxt, this platform and hardware solution uses existing or newly implemented IP-based cameras above or next to an entrance to monitor high-traffic areas.


The smarter way to keep your
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Visualisation of occupancy

Visualisation of information using our web-based application to monitor exactly how many people have entered and exited an area or building.

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Improved decision-making

Allows customers to make shopping decisions based on current store occupancy, while building owners can advertise quieter times during the day through promotions.

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Monitor entrances and exits

Scan entry and exit points in buildings and other areas using our CoVision Gateway and camera packages.


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Manage social distancing

The monitoring of people entering and leaving allows building owners to manage the flow within the area, minimising the risk of overcrowding while restoring customer confidence.

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