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What is Vodacom Secure Device Manager?

Vodacom Secure Device Manager is a mobile device management solution that lets you secure, monitor, manage and support your entire fleet of smartphones and tablets. Vodacom Secure Device Manager is the simple way to let your people work with their smart devices without compromising your company’s security.  

Vodacom Secure Device Manager is a web-based solution, providing flexible deployment options to meet different customer IT environments. This business solution provides your IT department with a single, integrated view of all mobile devices across the organisation, allowing you to increase help desk efficiency, reduce support costs and improve the overall support experience.

The solution can be deployed as a cloud based model (Software-as-a-Service) or on-premise installation behind the firewall.

Secure Device Manager Process

The key benefits of Vodacom Secure Device Manager

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    Protect your business from mobile security threats.

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    Your employees can use their smart devices without compromising your company’s security.

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    Round-the-clock technical support

    Round-the-clock technical support with fast response times.

Why Vodacom Secure Device Manager?

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Comprehensive and cross-platform

From iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices - you can monitor or manage mobile smart devices running all the major operating systems with Vodacom Secure Device Manager.

A secure hosted solution

The hosted solution brings together fast reliable mobile connectivity in our highly secure data centres, so you can be sure your data is kept safe and is always readily available.

Quick and easy

The solution is quick and easy to install, use and maintain.

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Everything you need to quickly and easily manage the security of your devices is included in the solution - from software licences to the console.

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Web-based console

You can access the console over the web from both computers and tablets.The easy to use console has customisable dashboards, advanced filters and searches.

On-going support

You can be sure of having all the expert technical support you need on hand - from an online support portal to dedicated round-the-clock support with fast

Features of Vodacom Secure Device Manager

Vodacom Secure Device Manager gives you a simple yet powerful way to manage the security of many of your smart devices – from the smartphone a new recruit brings with them on their first day at work to the tablet computer used by a senior manager.

Mobile Device
Mobile Device
Mobile Content
Mobile Application Management Mobile Security
  • Full iOS7 support
  • Workspace (iOS & Android)
  • Android Shared Device Mode
  • Samsung Knox
  • Windows 32 (PC) v1.0
  • Blackberry 10 Support (new VSDM Agent)
  • Email attachments & hyperlinks (with secure email gateway proxy)
  • New AirWatch Email
  • Agents (iOS and Android)
  • Compliance and Powershell
  • Secure Content Locker Sync for Windows and Mac
  • Secure content locker for iOS user-generated content
  • Secure Content Locker for Windows 8/RT
  • External content repositories & personal content
  • Self-service portal – personal content
  • General iOS and Android enhancements
  • Single sign-on for applications (iOS & Android) via Workspace application
  • Android and iOS App Wrapping
  • AirWatch Cloud Connector (ACC)
  • Mobile Access Gateway (MAG)
  • Managed Browser enhancements
  • Enhanced Android Secure Launcher


Vodacom Secure Device Manager offers scalable solutions that grow with your business

The solution is designed to support as many or as few devices as you need to have on your network and can quickly be scaled up or down as your business changes.

Ongoing support – you can be sure of having all the expert technical support you need on hand –with round-the-clock support with fast response times.


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