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Reverse Billed Data Benefits

The key benefits of Reverse Billed Data

  • 01
    Pay preferred rates

    The wholesale customer pays preferred rates for the aggregated Data usage


  • 02

    Worry-free solution: End-users are always able to connect to the website or app, irrespective of Airtime/Data balances


  • 03
    Always connected

    Always connected solution for wholesale customers - only pay for relevant usage



More benefits

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Reverse Billed Data

Reverse Billed Data is offered on apps and websites


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Offered across payment types

Offered across payment types - Prepaid, Top Up and Postpaid



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Billed to the wholesaler

Data consumption is billed to the wholesaler and not to the device accessing the site


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Tiered billing model

Tiered billing model allows you to unlock lower rates as your business grows

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Lower costs

Lower per MB costs for increased Data consumption


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End-users access

End-users access to the business website and app


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Offered to all Vodacom end-users

Offered to all Vodacom end-users across payment types (Prepaid, Top Up and Postpaid)


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No additional provisioning

No additional provisioning required on the end-user's device