What is Cloud Back-up?

Vodacom Cloud Back-up offers Back-up of critical company data through an encrypted software to another location such as a Cloud Based platform or a localised Data Center. Vodacom’ Back-up as a Service includes use of tools such as duplication and data compression to reduce the size of data that goes over connectivity.

Cloud Back-up Key benefits

The Key Benefits of Cloud Back-up

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    Managed Services

    Vodacom offers managed services to ensure that your focus on your core business while we take care of your IT for you.

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    We provide Delivery and Support for hybrid on premise and cloud solutions through customer services support center that operates 24/7/365.


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    Professional Services

    Professional advice to ensure cost savings and prevent over-investment whiles providing fast retrieval of backed up data and encryption for security.

Key Vodacom Back-up Features:


With encryption on disk and during transit, your data is stored securely in the Cloud.


Simply install the app, schedule your back-up via an easy-to-use graphical user interface, and you're done!


The Cloud Back-up web portal lets you securely access your data on the run using any device, from any location - globally.

Choose from 3 Vodacom Back-up options

    Vodacom’s Managed Hosted Back-up offers enterprise data protection for both physical and virtual platforms and provides Back-up and recovery from disk, tape or snapshots.

    Managed Back-up solution offers customers high-performance, Back-up and recovery for business-critical databases, applications, files and folders with built in optimized de-duplication and compression affording the customer reliability, scalability and performance with cost efficiencies all included in a single comprehensive solution.

    Data is replicated in a de-duplicated format and encrypted in transit and at rest.  The process is completely automated according to pre-defined replication policies. WAN optimization and efficiencies with deduplication on both source and destination offers savings on bandwidth and storage costs.

    Features of Vodacom Managed Back-up Solution

    • Scalable Back-ups, offline storage, fast retrieval.
    • Unified Back-up, de-duplication, with support for VMWare and Hyper-V.
    • Recovery in minutes or restore just a file with granular recovery technology.
    • Consolidates and protects data in hybrid environments.
    • Encryption for security. 
    • Multiplexed Back-up jobs for maximum performance.
    • De-duplication at source and destination for cost savings.
    • Quickly and easily locate needed information with enhanced search functionality

    Vodacom Cloud Data Management Solution is a self-managed solution. It’s the customer’s responsibility to install the application, set the Back-up schedules and exclusion filters and to ensure that Back-ups occur. Vodacom and Redstor have a wealth of online resources that will enable you as our valued customer to easily manage the solution.

    Trusted by more than 40,000 global customers across all industries, Redstor uses proven, leading technology to help you discover, analyse, manage and protect your critical data – and it’s making downtime a thing of the past. Back-up Solutions are often associated with high storage costs as data growth continue to soar in the 21st century, the Redstor solution includes mechanism such as data deduplication, data compression and data archiving to reduce costs as critical data grows for customers.

    Benefits of Redstor Back-up Solution

    • Centralized solution that unifies Back-up and recovery, archiving, and disaster recovery
    • Simplified deployment and billing to radically reduce costs.
    • Better ways to comply with ever more stringent regulations.
    • Borderless visibility of all data (on-prem, in the Cloud, Private Cloud, etc.)
    • To be up and running in seconds, not days, in the event of a disaster.

    Veeam makes data management solutions simple, flexible, and reliable so customers are sure their data is protected and always available safe. For over a decade Veeam has delivered industry-first capabilities and world-class customer support, which has led to hundreds of thousands of loyal, satisfied customers across the globe. Over four hundred thousand customers across the globe trust Veeam for data protection with about 82% of the Fortune 500 Companies trust Veeam for data protection. Veeam is a leader in data protection as per the Gartner Magic quadrant.

    Benefits of Veeam Back-up Solution

    • Simple: Data protection that’s simple to deploy and easy to use.
    • Flexible: Software-defined and Hardware-agnostic: Cloud, Virtual & Physical.
    • Reliable: Back-up and recover any workload with confidence.
    • Simple, flexible, and reliable Back-up: we provide simple, flexible and reliable Back-up so our customers can go beyond and focus on their business – there’s a reason they like to say “Veeam, it just works”.
    • Any workload: Veeam protects different workload types such as VMWare, Hyper-V, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Nutanix and UNIX.

    Frequently asked questions

      The data centre offers the following:

      Class-A facilities, equipped with fire suppression. Fire detection sensors that include both heat and smoke sensing devices are connected to a fire suppression system that is capable of early detection of imminent electrical fire.
      Security cameras
      Biometric personnel access control as well as photographic identification
      Uninterruptible Power Supply systems with backup battery arrays – providing a high level of redundancy
      Backup diesel electricity generators, with a large fuel reserve in a fire-protected location.
      High-end firewalls protect all data that you have stored
      Clustering and mirroring techniques to ensure that stored data is always available
      Secure internet line encryption (SSL) to protect your data while each remote backup is being performed
      Backup is stored and encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
      Backup Professional Server edition

      Backup Professional Server Edition is necessary for each server that will be backing up to an onsite or cloud storage platform.
      Cloud Backup per GB pricing includes Primary and DR storage – all inclusive in the flat rate per GB per month.
      Licenses, whether on a perpetual or rental basis, will be purchased or rented through Vodacom even for Onsite Storage Platform implementations.
      A mirror only option is available should you require disaster recovery only.
      A management console is provided allowing you to create a MSI installer for servers and desktops requiring backups, to view backup successes and failures and to administer and manage your own backup environment.
      This is a self-installed and self-managed solution. Telephonic support will be provided for first time installations. Detailed installations manuals and user guides will be provided to you, together with the information needed to connect to the Storage Platform and in order to complete the installation successfully.
      The contracted number of licenses on the Cloud Storage platform will limit the number of allowable server and desktop instances connecting to the cloud in order to backup.
      When you create a backup schedule, the application will request a password in order to create an encryption key – ensuring security of data in transit and also on disk. It is your responsibility to ensure this password is kept safe and is recoverable. Loss of the password will mean that data cannot be unencrypted. Vodacom will not be held responsible for data that cannot be unencrypted. If the encryption key is lost, Vodacom will not be able to restore data in a readable format.
      An initial Snapshot of data can be made to an external hard drive to save on the bandwidth cost of transmitting the initial backup over the access medium. You will need to back up the data in question to a self-provided external hard drive, using the Cloud Backup application.
      The external hard drive needs to be couriered or transported to Vodacom MTB Data Centre at your own cost.
      The external hard drive will be received by a Vodacom installations engineer at MTB data centre, data will be staged, AV checks done and data copied to the Storage Platform by the Vodacom engineer. The external hard drive will be handed back you.
      You can know schedule your own backups, where incremental data will be sent over the access medium to the Cloud.
      Data is kept on disk for a maximum of one calendar month. Extended retention periods can be facilitated, upon request and at an additional cost for the storage component of the solution only.
      A suitable access medium is required in accordance with the amount of data to be backed up. A solutions architect should be consulted in order to determine the correct amount of bandwidth to be incremented in order to meet backup windows required by the customer.
      Cloud Backup is available for customers both hosted within Vodacom’s Data Centres as well as at a remote location.
      Staged and Streaming backup methods are available. Streaming recommended in high bandwidth scenarios and staged in low bandwidth scenarios.
      Backup Professional Desktop & Laptop edition

      Backup Pro D&L Edition is a secure, self-managed backup solution that enables you to backup desktops and laptops to the Cloud.
      The ability to backup over the internet allows you to backup remotely from any computer that has internet access.
      The backup application is self-installed and self-managed.
      An installation and user manual will be provided to you allowing successful self-installation of the backup application.
      You are responsible for your own backup schedules and management of successes and failures.
      Data being backed up is secured through encryption both in transit and on disk.
      An encryption key is generated when the backup service is initially configured and you need to keep it secure in order to unencrypt data. You are responsible for the encryption key. Loss of the encryption key means that your data will only be able to be restored in its encrypted non readable state.
      The application or GUI will automatically upgrade without user intervention when the storage platform sitting at Vodacom is upgraded to the next version of software.

      Once you have signed up for our Cloud back-up service, you simply download software that you install on the computers from which you want to backup data.
      You can back up data from workstations and servers, across both physical and virtual platforms. Data transfer is via a secure Internet connection (SSL encrypted), to the Vodacom Data Centre, where your backed up data will be encrypted and securely stored.

      You have full access to your backed up data from any of your computers that has a secure Internet connection. Backup administrators have full control of all processes via a single user-friendly management console.

      Cloud back-up is an unmanaged solution, therefore you will be provided with an installation pack and telephonic support will be available for the first installation which you will administer on your desktop.

      Vodacom Cloud back-up is a secure, automated disk-to-disk backup and recovery solution uniquely designed for network efficiency, centralised management, policy-based control and simplicity of use and perfectly suited to meet your requirements of an offsite or Cloud back-up Solution.

      Fully customizable and seamlessly scalable, Vodacom Cloud back-up accommodates multiple operating systems on desktops, notebooks and servers alike by enabling automated and secure backup and recovery of critical data both inside and outside the confines of corporate IT networks.

      Vodacom Cloud back-up minimises risk, maximises productivity and allows you and your business to regain control of your most valuable asset – your data.

      Vodacom solution value

      Your laptop is stolen with all your data and IP on it. Vodacom Cloud back-up desktop and laptop edition have you covered. There is a copy of your data in the cloud and you can restore it easily yourself!
      My budget is tight but I do require data protection. Vodacom Cloud back-up is an affordable data protection solution that you can rent on a monthly basis.
      I only have one IT administrator to run the show. Vodacom Cloud back-up offers management and reporting functionality that saves time and lowers the IT administrative burden. We offer visibility and control but do the system administration for you
      I have diverse platforms and operating systems in my company. Vodacom Cloud back-up offers a large feature set and supports various operating systems for servers and desktops alike.
      I need that document restored yesterday. Vodacom Cloud back-up provides the capability to self-service - open app, select restore, add location to restore to and click go – that fast and easy. No lead times waiting for assistance from the service provider

      You should use Cloud back-up for the following reasons:

      Reliable: The Cloud platform is built with high levels of redundancy and uptime to ensure your have business continuity.
      Feature Rich: Support for most Operating systems – both server and desktop.
      Cost Effective: SME storage price point. De-duplication technology offers savings on bandwidth and storage.
      Web Access: Allows retrieval of a file on the move – only a web browser is needed. Download and update the file from anywhere and upload back into the Cloud to ensure your copy is safe
      Cost-effectiveness: With our Cloud back-up solution you’ll save on upfront capital outlay, backup server costs, storage media, infrastructure expenses and IT staff costs.
      Ease of use: All that is required for Cloud back-up is the installation of software on the machines that you need to be part of your remote backup schedule. All backups are then handled automatically.
      Optimal business continuity: Your data is automatically and securely backed up and quick to restore in the event of a disaster, so that your business can keep operating efficiently.
      Backup network efficiency: Disk-to-disk backup and recovery that is uniquely designed for network efficiency.
      Centralised management: Policy-based control gives you easy management capability and your online backup scheduling and backup storage can be managed remotely.
      Versatility: Cloud back-up is an efficient platform for the remote backup and recovery of data from your servers, desktops, laptops and databases.
      Elimination of human error: By automating online backup scheduling, human error is removed – there’s no one who will forget to do the backup.
      Scalability: Cloud back-up allows you to scale your data backup and storage capacity as your business demands change.


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