01 Digital Transformation

Digitally transform your company by Capturing real-time information from the field including live photo’s, video’s, digital signatures and reporting information for better business discussions.


02 Dynamic GPS Tracking

Gain visibility into mobile workers’ activities  with GPS locations throughout the day to better manage field teams which includes breadcrumb trails, kilometers traveled, locations, idle times, speed triggers, smart fences, turn by turn direction.


03 Time and Attendance

Capture accurate time and attendance with digital timesheet approvals and leave requests by replacing old paper timesheets/job cards for a more automated and streamlined back office and payroll process.



Product overview

Mobile workforce management application

This solution is a mobile workforce management application that generates PDF forms, photos, digital signatures, GPS tracking information, job costing, time, and attendance from a Smart Phone or tablet. The mobile data captured helps employers manage their mobile workforce better by increasing productivity, reducing time-theft, and streamline the back office payroll processes.



Custom Digital Forms


Allows field employees to digitally transform paper processes into digital i.e Photo capture, Video capture, Digital signature and other form type questions and answers.



Robust Reporting


Report using a wealth of reports spanning multiple industries which can be viewed in real-time through the web dashboard or automatically scheduled to be sent to management in PDF and CSV output.



Dynamic GPS Tracking


Breadcrumb trails, kilometers travelled locations, idle times, speed triggers, smart fences, turn-by-turn directions, all leveraged by using Google Mapping technology.



Covid-19 Management


Digital Covid-19 Pre-screening and Wellness forms that are customizable to fit your company requirements. Yes/No and text Questions, digital signatures, photo fields and built in live triggers to alert management of any critical answers. Revert back to our rich back end system that includes PDF and CSV outputs,as well as GPS tracking, reports and filtering capabilities for live, accurate contact tracing to protect your company, employees and clients.


Frequently asked questions

1. What information can a customer capture in your custom PDF forms?

Field employees can utilize our forms feature to capture job information, photos, digital signatures, yes/no questions, notes and dropdown fields.

2. How often are you tracking a field employee's device?

By default, GPS breadcrumb information is captured every 60 seconds, 300 feet, and every 45-degree movement, providing the best results in all cases
(all parameters are configurable).

3. Does the Econz Timecard application capture information outside of cellular coverage?

Yes, Timecard captures time, job costing,digital forms that include photos, digital signatures, and meal and rest requirements in and out of coverage.

4. Can we restrict field employees so they cannot clock in or out unless they are at a specific job location?

Yes. Our clock-in lock feature restricts field employees from clocking in or out while they are outside the job location.

5. What can the supervisor do with the free supervisor application?

Supervisors can review and approve their field employees’ timesheets and see their current GPS position and location.



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