Live Track - Vehicle Tracking

Use tracking technology to drive profit

  • Have control over the safety of your people and assets
  • Enjoy total control over your business fleet 
  • Gives peace of mind that your vehicles are never out of reach, even when they’re out of sight.

To get LiveTrack

Contact your Account Manager

What is LiveTrack? 

With Vodacom LiveTrack, you can track any vehicle in near real-time via a secure website. It combines Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology and our advanced GSM network, enabling you to accurately locate your asset within a five meter radius and provide relevant assistance should it ever become necessary. LiveTrack also provides a detailed report on every trip, which is invaluable for tracking business versus personal travel expenses for tax purposes and ensuring that drivers stick to their routes and drive responsibly.

Vodacom LiveTrack offers:

  • Near real-time notifications of speed and movement 
  • Near real-time location detection
  • Tax Logbook
  • Stolen Asset Recovery

LiveTrack is ideal for your business if you’re looking to track your valuable cargo while keeping communication costs down. Drivers can be located on a map, eliminating the need to call to find out where they are.

The service is powered by Tracker, a world class Tracking and Stolen Asset Recovery company.

Why should I get LiveTrack?


With the best value for money and service, you can track your assets without breaking the bank.

Peace of mind

Easy to set up, activate and operate.


Each unit is password- and username-protected to prevent unauthorised access.


How much does LiveTrack cost?

 Basic Tariff (incl. VAT)Fleet Tariff (incl. VAT)
36-Month contractR176 per month R241 per month 

R135 per month +

R2017 once-off +

R202 once-off call-out fee

R150 per month +

R2017 once-off


 Management of zones10 Zones 
Theft Retrieval Movement Alert
Determines location of vehicles at all times outside SA
 Summary and detailed trip log
Automatic unit health checks 
Cellphone or email notifications for specific events
Over speed reports
Battery trend report 
Vehicle incident report 
Vehicle activity report 
Vehicle stop report 
Notifications sent report 
Notifications sent report  

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