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Why Vodacom's Smart Environment?

Understand space utilization based on real-time data and make decisions to minimize floor spaces based on actual usage patterns. The solution gives you control over space and energy use through cooling and other systems based on occupancy data. Drive more efficient cooling and lighting by using real-time environmental conditions to drive system operation allowing you to draw insights into whether occupants are comfortable. The solution also allows you to use environmental conditions to increase attention and productivity based on real-time data. It gives you the opportunity to identify faults with systems based on changes in environmental conditions which can assist in improving building efficiency.

Smart integration features & benefits


Temperature: Monitor real-time environmental temperature
Humidity : Monitor real-time environmental humidity
Barometric Pressure: Measure and record barometric pressure data
Light: Acquire the real-time luminance data and check the lighting status


Real-time and historical monitoring views on:
Temperature, Humidity, OC, CO2 Levels, Barometric Pressure, Light Levels

The Vodacom difference

Leading network

Not only do we have the leading network, we also have a wide range of ultra-fast business product.

Business challenge

We have a range of business solutions to suit a range of business challenges and sizes.

Internet of Things

Vodacom Internet of Things is rated #1 most progressive and influencial in South Africa by IoT analysts.