Business Solutions

We’d like to partner with you to co-create growth solutions tailored for your unique business. 
Use our technological solutions to empower your business, your staff and your processes.

Insurance Solutions

Device Insurance

Did you know 1 in 3 smartphone users have to replace their phone before their contract ends? Cover your devices against loss, theft and damage, including water damage.

Group Schemes Life & Funeral

Ensure that your employees have the right funeral and life cover in place to financially support their families should the worst happen.


Business Legal

Unexpected legal events can negatively impact the wellbeing of your business. With Business Legal Cover you can focus on growing your business while the experts help with your complex legal matters.

Lending Solutions

Business Term Advance

Whether you need to fund moving into a bigger office, buy equipment or property or just to get the cash flow you need to act quickly, we can make it happen. Apply now and get the cash you need within 24 hours.


Payment Solutions

Payment Services

Your repayments are linked to the amount of money you're earning every day. So, when you're not trading, you're not paying.


Ordering and Supply Solutions

Vodacom Ordering Solution

Vodacom Ordering Solution is an efficient order and supplier management platform that connects multiple buyers to multiple sellers on a secure digital platform. VOS improves the quality of orders received through an optimised ordering process.


VodaTrade Portal

The VodaTrade Supplier Portal ensures that small suppliers are able to receive orders from their integrated partners quickly and securely on the innovative portal.


Vodacom Financial Services Offers a range of financial solutions tailored to South African business owners, providing comprehensive support and growth opportunities tailored to your unique business needs. Our insurance solutions, including device insurance and group schemes, provide peace of mind by safeguarding assets and ensuring employees are financially protected.

With our Business Legal Cover, businesses can focus on growth while we handle legal complexities. Our Business Term Advance facilitates quick access to funding, allowing businesses to seize opportunities and manage cash flow effectively. Our flexible payment solutions are linked to daily earnings, easing financial management. Our digital ordering and supply solutions streamline operations and enhance efficiency, while VodaPay Max simplifies transactions.

Partnering with us as your financial service provider not only boosts productivity and digital networking but also grants access to affordable innovation and a wide range of financial solutions, enabling your business to embrace challenges and achieve financial success. 



Why partner with us

Improved productivity

Through automation and digital enhancements to business process, your business can become more productive and more profitable.


Digital partnerships

Drive efficiencies and expand your professional network through digital partnerships with like-minded business peers.


Affordable innovation

Empower your business with affordable but essential new digital solutions perfectly tailored to meet your specific business requirements.


Financial solutions

Whether you need funding or payment services, Vodacom Business Solutions can help you to manage your finances more effectively.



Keeping up with the times


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