How to earn more income using your Vodapay card machine

While you have made the great decision of buying or renting the VodaPay Card Machine, the great news is that you can now start building your business your way by earning extra income. 

Your VodaPay Card Machine allows your customers to scan, swipe, tap or insert to pay for any transaction. Through this electronic and seamless way of transacting - your business and clients remain safe and convenience. Best of all, you never miss another sale, even during power cuts. 

Now the great question remains, how do you earn extra income by selling data or airtime for all network types and other value-added services such as water?

Here's how it works:

  1. Switch on your Card Machine 

  2. Swipe on the screen to unlock 

  3. Find the VodaPay Store by swiping left or right 

  4. Click on VodaPay Vending

  5. Start selling airtime, data, electricity or accept bill payments for municipality fines or DStv

After each day of trading, go to your reports and see how much commission you've made.

Remember, you do not need to do the heavy lifting, the total commission amount will be displayed to you for each transaction. 

How much can I make from selling Value-Added Services:



Vodacom Airtime & Data


Other: Airtime & Data


Prepaid electricity/ Prepaid Utilities
(water and gas)


EasyPay Bill Payments




Cash-in Fee



From a R50 Vodacom airtime or data transaction, you can make up to R1,75. This means, the more you sell, the more money you make. 

Let's help you build your business your way. We see your vision. Let's get you there  - Sinawe. 

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