Five Frequently Asked Questions about the VodaPay Tap on Phone App

You have downloaded the VodaPay Tap on Phone App but now have some questions as you use it. Let's answer them and get you using the app with confidence. 

Q1: Who can pay via the VodaPay Tap on Phone App?  

Any customer with a bank card that has a contactless indicator on the card, this is usually on the front but may be on the back. If the card doesn't have an icon indicating this capability it won't be able to tap. It is possible that a bank card to be disabled for contactless payments. Some bank cards are by default disabled for contactless transactions.   

Q2: Where does the customer tap?  

Ideally on the back of the phone, the cardholder can hold their payment instrument (card/device) on top or below the phone and wait for the beep or vibration.   

Q3: Are Tap on Phone payments secure?  

The VodaPay Tap on Phone app payments use the same security technology offered as EMV chip cards deployed worldwide.

Q4: How do you know if a transaction is successful?  

Once the payment card/device is successfully read, a beep should be heard or vibration from the cellphone.

Q5: I am an existing merchant with a VodaPay Max or Kwika card machine, can I use the VodaPay Tap on Phone app?

Yes, go to the Google Play Store and download the VodaPay Tap on Phone and follow the on-screen instructions to activate the app.
You will also need to contact our customer care 0869 000456 to link our Tap on Phone account to your existing profile.

To learn more about the VodaPay Tap on Phone App, you can visit our website anytime: Tap on Phone | Vodacom (

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