What is NFC technology and is it already part of your life

Do you want to accept card payments from your customers but can't afford a card machine and its monthly transaction fees?
Are you worried about the security of both your business and its customers when you accept card payments when using the Tap on Phone app?

Let's give you the peace of mind you need to use Tap on Phone with ease:

The McKinsey 2020 Digital Payments Consumer Survey found that digital payments continue to grow in adoption and relevance. Smart solutions that offer accessible and easy digital transactions are increasingly becoming essential to consumer stickiness and engagement. However, as these solutions evolve, so must the security surrounding them to ensure that both retailer and consumer are protected. This is particularly relevant with software Point-of-Sale (SoftPOS) platforms which are gaining traction in the payments space. Juniper Research estimates that the number of handsets capable of using contactless payments will grow to 24 million by 2026.

What makes a good card payment solution?

From PCI compliance, encryption, to PIN management and more - Payment solutions need to tick multiple boxes before they're launched into the market and retailers must ensure that the promises of robust security are kept by the solution before they implement it. Good security practices are essential to provide both the retailer and consumer with peace of mind throughout.

Fraud is a real problem, making security a necessity...
Contactless payments can be misused, which is why most banks impose a maximum payment limit as they can prevent fraudsters from cloning and using credit or debit cards after a certain period and minimise the financial damage to the consumer. For online payments, where the cardholder is unable to physically prove that they have the card in front of them, second-factor mechanisms like Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code are used to verify that the person performing the transaction is the cardholder. 

Download the Tap on Phone app on the Google App store for free...
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Tap on Phone allows business owners and their customers to transact quickly with a simple tap within a secure environment that fosters trust on both sides. 


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