Start transacting

Your card machine has been properly activated and your profile has been successfully set-up, what are you waiting for? Start accepting those electronic payments and sell value added services with our Vending Vouchers. The great thing is that the more you transact, the lower your monthly rental fees become, and you can make extra income for your business.

We also encourage you to use your card machine as frequently as you can to get one step closer from claiming your Business Cash Advance of up to R1.5 million which comes with easy repayment terms that help you plan, scale and position your business for success.

From R50 to R500 000 your card machine can accept any amount and your safety is not compromised as all your funds go straight into your chosen account.

Now you can allow your customers to tap, swipe, scan or insert in a quick and safe way. This will build trust between you and your customers, and you can have the peace of mind of knowing that there is a Merchant Portal that can help you track all the money you make. Getting our card machines is not just a smart decision... it's a safe one.

You are not alone, in fact, you have joined an ecosystem of other business owners such as yourself who have a passion for what they do and have high aspirations of growing their businesses their way. Feel free to celebrate and assure your customers that your business has just gotten better than ever before.

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