Tap on Phone is seamless, fast and secure...

We live in a world where ease and speed are expected - this doesn't stem from a sense of entitlement but is a product of constant evolution and innovation. This applies especially to making or accepting payments.

The Tap on Phone app makes contactless card payments more accessible, faster and more secure than ever.


We see your vision, let's get you there. Sinawe...

Similar to how we now take photos and make calculations with our mobile phones, Tap on Phone is revolutionising contactless cardless payments in the same way. The bulky, payment card machine terminals we know have been dematerialised and digitised, and now sit comfortably in our phones.

This technology is especially beneficial to SMME's (small, medium and micro enterprises) who want to build their businesses their way.

Imagine you're a small business owner and you have the chance to sell your products at a market. Instead of scrambling for a card machine, or the unsafety of dealing with cash, you can simply download the app for free and start accepting payments.


Is Tap on Phone secure?

In short, yes. The sole purpose of Tap on Phone is to safely make and accept electronic payments. You have all the security capabilities of terminal hardware, but it now sits on your smart phone. You also have access to extensive software that you can build on to that foundational hardware for added security.

When you tap to pay, the payment details are captured on a separate device, which is much harder for a hacker to intercept or crack. The safety software that Tap on Phone has imbedded in the app works in partnership with the security elements on your device, like Keystore, which generates strong encryption keys for hardware.

What's important to remember is that security needs maintenance. Tap on Phone continuously builds layers and security mechanisms to protect the software and your payments.

Is Tap on Phone the same as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay?

Tap on Phone is very different to these services. They fall on the payment side, Tap on Phone is on the acceptance side. The similarity is that both apps use the same technology - the NFC (near field communication) reader on the device is the same type of technology that Tap on Phone uses to accept card payments. Simply put, Tap on Phone is taking the payment from Apple Pay. Same technology, but different purposes.

Tap on Phone has established a new inclusive world of possibilities for quick, easy and secure contactless card payments, especially for SMME's and their consumers.
The app is available on Android and is free to download on the Google App store. For more information visit us: 
Tap on Phone | Vodacom (vodacombusiness.co.za)

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