How to turn your phone into a card machine?

Now that you have downloaded the VodaPay Tap on Phone app, what's next and how do you start accepting payments? 

Follow this checklist:

  1. You will need to have an Android smartphone that is NFC enabled with enough data and space to download the app. VodaPay Tap on Phone - Apps on Google Play

  2. A bank account that will be linked to your VodaPay Tap on Phone app

  3. A valid South African ID number to verify your personal details

We see your vision, Let's get you there, Sinawe.

The normal end- to-end banking encryptions apply to using VodaPay Tap on Phone as they do to using a normal card machine. Both vendor and customer are always kept safe. This allows for a quick, safe and seamless transacting experience anywhere in South Africa.

What's not to love about the VodaPay Tap on Phone app?

Now is the time to do more for your business with our Tap on Phone app. We believe that with the right support and knowledge, your business can grow beyond your expectations. After 4 months of trading using our app, you can be pre-qualified for up to R1,5 million in Business Cash Advance to help you build your business your way. 

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