Using the VodaPay Merchant Portal

Whether you sell your products and services online, on social media, in-store or on the move, we can help you accept payments safely, easily and quickly.

You'll have access to a portal to manage your devices, download merchant statements and export your transaction history. Soon, you'll also be able to send receipts via email.

The VodaPay Merchant Portal allows you to view all your transactions and sales made across all our payment solutions including eCommerce, VodaPay Max and VodaPay Chop Chop.

First time user

Once you have successfully been onboarded, you will receive an email with your Merchant ID, and your OTP will be sent to your cell phone number.

  • Enter your Merchant ID in the field labelled "Merchant ID". The Merchant ID is 15 characters long and begins with "VPS" e.g. VPS123412341234.
  • Enter your One-Time Password (OTP) in the field labelled "Password/OTP"
  • If your OTP has expired, you can retrieve a new OTP by clicking on the "first time user" link. You will then be requested to provide your Merchant ID, if you have a valid Merchant ID a new OTP will be sent to your cell phone number.

The Merchant Portal is designed to assist you track your transactions, grow your business and give you useful information to help you with other business operations like choosing the right finance or tools to incorporate into your marketing and sales efforts.

Please note that you can take a photo to use as a display picture for your Merchant Portal, for this, you will need a clear camera and background and within minutes you will be good to go.

Log into the Merchant Portal at any time of your convenience to track how your business is doing, whenever, wherever.

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