Dedicated Hosting

A Secure and reliable hosting environment for your IT platform

  • Get a server to host your business exclusively rather than using a shared server. 
  • Enjoy all the benefits of an in-house server without investing in infrastructure or maintenance. 
  • Reduced deployment time in comparison to an in-house server. 

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  • Overview
  • Features and benefits

What is Dedicated Hosting?

  • Dedicated Hosting solution allows you to place down any of your IT equipment in one of Vodacom’s highly advanced and secure data centres. 
  • We provide you with a secure space in a cabinet to house your equipment. 
  • Whilst Vodacom manages the data centre facilities, network connectivity, and physical security, our state-of-the-art data centres give you the flexibility to administer and manage your servers, delivering the performance, security, and scalability that your business requires. 

Why should I get Dedicated Hosting?

Cost Effective

We maintain the facility infrastructure and network connectivity, while you maintain ownership and management of your hosted and software applications. You can also take advantage of our buying power and lease your equipment through Vodacom.

Increased productivity

N+N on all facilities and systems, which minimize single points of failure and enhance the reliability and availability of your servers.

Increased Security

24/7/365 security access control; biometric access, cctv, security personnel. 

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    Dedicated Hosting

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    • Get the benefits of an in-house server without actually needing to create the entire physical and virtual set-up for it.
    • We do all that for you and give you full administrative control over your server.

    Ensure increased reliability for your server

    • N+N redundancy ensures systems availability and reduces single points of failure, thus enhancing the reliability and availability of your server.
    • You also get unlimited access to the Vodacom Gigabit Hosting Backbone.

    Get your site to do more 

    • With exclusive access to storage, a processor, bandwidth and memory, you get increased uptime, reduced page load time and faster access to your site.

    Get all that you require for secure hosting together in one solution

    • Get complete support with hardware installation, configuration and testing, full remote administration of your server and SAN and back-up solutions.
    • If you already have your own hardware, choose the Vodacom Lodged Solution.
    • House your own web or apps server in a secure cabinet or cage in our highly advanced Vodacom Data Centre.
    • Retain full ownership of the hardware and all the software apps that run on it.
    • Keep full management control over your dedicated server.
    • Benefit from our world-class technology, infrastructure, network connectivity, environmental systems and security in our Vodacom Data Centre.
    • If you don’t have the required hardware, choose the Vodacom Leased Solution.
    • Lease a dedicated server from us, as well as secure cabinet space to house it in our Vodacom Data Centre.
    • Retain full management control over the server and run any software apps you require.
    • Hardware remains the property of Vodacom (with hardware monitoring and warranty maintenance).


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    Out of bundle charges 20p


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