Vodacom Hospitality Solution


Let technology open your doors to the world.

    • Manage real-time bookings seamlessly with NightsBridge
    • Place online ads to reach more potential travellers
    • Dependable access to cloud storage, a virtual switchboard and the Internet 
    • Offer WiFi plus rent voice lines and mobile devices to guests


What is Vodacom Hospitality Solution?

Managing a small- to medium-sized guesthouse or B&B? Vodacom Hospitality Solution powered by NightsBridge lets you market your business, run it more efficiently and even offer guests dependable Internet connectivity. This means that your visitors can enjoy a pleasant stay, experience ‘value for money’ accommodation and stay connected to the world from the tip of Africa!

NightsBridge is Africa’s leading real-time booking platform. Their front-office booking software allows you to manage your bookings, accounts, housekeeping and reporting while updating your online availability with just one click.

You can also use our hospitality solution to manage real-time bookings and offer guests WiFi via Vodacom Broadband Connect. It includes access to our secure cloud storage, Internet connectivity for your business, a virtual PABX, voice lines, smartphones and tablets which can be rented out to international guests for the duration of their stay.

For more information, read our press release.


How do I get Vodacom Hospitality Solution?

To help your guests discover your business, email [email protected]

Why should I get Vodacom Hospitality Solution?

Access to a range of ICT services

Send promotional and informational content to your subscribers which enables them to make better decisions. 

Seamless bookings and exposure

Choose from a variety of non-intrusive mediums, like SMS, to promote your business. 

WiFi for guests

Sell rich-media content such as news and traffic updates, ringtones, wallpapers and other mobile downloads.