Why Vodacom BusinessOne+?

Vodacom BusinessOne+ enabled by the SAP Business One solution is a business management software designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. SAP Business One is a single and affordable business management system to manage your entire business from accounting, financials, inventory, sales, warehousing, and customer relationships to reporting and analytics. As an Enterprise Planning Resource (ERP) system, BusinessOnemmm+ can streamline key processes to give you better insights into your business and enable you to make data-driven business decisions with near real-time information to drive profitable growth.

With our Vodacom BusinessOne+ you can improve your business efficiencies, run your business operations more smoothly while automating manual tasks, and have instant access to data and insights that can help your business make better operation decisions.  

Vodacom BusinessOne+ empowers a connected society and businesses, using technology to transform businesses and enable a client-centric and digitally connected.

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Vodacom BusinessOne+ Benefits

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    Simple, Transparent & Affordable Pricing

    Take advantage of our affordable pricing models and service catalogue that suits your budget and digital transformation goals for your business.

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    Operate efficiently and effectively

    Our Vodacom BusinessOne+ bundle is designed to reduce redundancies, manual errors, optimizes your business processes to accelerate your business to new heights with the automation of various business functions and facilitating higher quality decisions making.

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    Improve Customer Relationship and Engagement

    Empower the sales team with real-time information to improve engagement with customer’s on-the-go.

Vodacom BusinessOne+ Features

Grow Your Business Using Streamlined Operations

Obtain a complete view of your business from a single accurate source and enable users to access precise information needed to operate your company efficiently.

Fast Implementation for Quick ROI

Predictive intelligence allows businesses to take proactive measure. Help businesses get up and running quickly so that businesses can get results faster.

Automate Workflow & Processes with Predictive Intelligence

Predictive intelligence allows businesses to take proactive measures with automatic alerts, workflows, and responses to key events.

Respond in A Timely Manner to Customer Needs

The ability to analyze information from a single source allows better decision-making to meet evolving customer trends.

Eliminate Redundant Data Entry and Error

Increase efficiency across departments by integrating business processes and workflows. Eliminate repetitive data entry and human-prone errors.

Vodacom BusinessOne+ Offering includes

SAP Business One licenses and functionality
Disaster Recovery Service
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Backup Service
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Vodacom Connectivity (Optional)
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Norton Security (Optional)


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