Virtual Hosting with Cloud Manager


What is Virtual Hosting with Cloud Manager?

Virtual Hosting with Cloud Manager is a dedicated virtual web or application server in a shared hosting environment to give you a complete and robust IT cloud platform with the highest levels of availability, responsiveness and full remote management capabilities.

You can add or remove servers and server resources as required so your solution is fully scalable and you pay only for the resources you need. You also get a powerful, user-friendly web and mobile interface to manage your hosting easily and efficiently from anywhere.

To get Virtual Hosting with Cloud Manager

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Why should I get Virtual Hosting with Cloud Manager?


Physical servers are generally under utilized (only 20% capacity used) and its a common occurrence in order to cater for future growth. With virtualization, your workload can be fully adapted as future needs arise.

Cost effective

Because Virtual Hosting with Cloud Manager is a virtual service, there's no need to worry about hardware. You only pay for what you have and can add/remove resources on the fly.

Full security & redundancy

Our hositng environment has excellent physical security measures such fire protection, cooling systems and back-up power generators as well as firewall and anti-intrusion software plus up to 99.9% uptime.


We’ll be responsible for maintenance and management, and our engineers will provide technical support for the Vodacom Virtual Environment.

Manage workloads efficiently

The Cloud Manager automatically creates and deploys workloads based on a service catalogue of predefined templates.

Latest functionality

Get functionality that enables you to copy, configure, update and delete workloads. Generate reports on user activity and on a range of IT cloud parameters.


How much does Virtual Hosting with Cloud Manager cost?

You only pay for what you need! The cost of your Virtual Hosting solution will depend on your business needs.

Build your own solution online to see how much you could save by making use of Virtual Hosting with Cloud Manager.

FAQs & support:

Virtual Hosting FAQs

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