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BoardPAC overview

BoardPAC is an effective way for board directors to access the board and committee papers and supplementary information directly onto their iPad devices. This solution enables efficient and secure access to the company corporate board papers. The platform provides tools and features to enable quick decision-making through a collaborative approach.
Here’s how BoardPAC can add value to your business:

  • Solution Finder

    Meeting documents and feedback are digitised for easier access and archiving.

  • Supports collaboration, quicker decision-making and easy feedback on meeting documents.

  • Secure access (ISO 27001 Certified) of encrypted data with customisable security policies.

  • Enables viewing and updating of documents in real-time on a tablet to reduce printing of meeting documents.

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Who benefits from using BoardPAC?

BroadPac’s ability to provide an automated solution to manage and organise a productive meeting, as well as manage access to meeting documents, is ideal for:


Meeting organisers


Members of a meeting


Company secretaries

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