The Vodacom Business Booster App, powered by SAGE, is the ideal business management app for small- and medium-sized enterprises

What is Vodacom Cloud Marketplace?

The Vodacom Cloud Marketplace offers Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms which enable digital offerings to all business types and sizes. It’s a complete digital transformation which lets you access, manage and assign all your digital application and licensing requirements in one single place.

    Why choose Vodacom Cloud Marketplace?

    Only pay for the software you need

    With a predictable, per-user monthly fee, you can budget accurately based on individual user profiles.

    Put your subscription on hold when not in use

    You have the cost-saving flexiblity of putting your subscription on hold until you need to use it again.

    Reachable from anywhere, anytime

    Mobilise your business, so your employees can be productive on the move, from anywhere.

    Scalable as your business requirements change

    Manage all your business apps and licences as your business grows and responds to changes in your sector.

    Shorter ROI time

    See real value by transforming how you do business with top-of-the-range digital services.

    No cost of entry

    As a Vodacom customer, you can sign up for free and only pay for what your business needs.

    Vodacom Cloud Marketplace offerings

    Vodacom Cloud Marketplace offerings

    How can I monitor my data usage?

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