Why VodaTrade Core?

VodaTrade Core provides a managed service that helps connect to our customers and their trading partners quickly and easily. We take care of the complexities so you can enjoy a digital experience. VodaTrade Core, also known as Vodacom Trading Bridge is the managed and automated B2B e-commerce service that gives customers a smoother and more effective inter-business operation.

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Key Benefits of VodaTrade Core

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    Gain deeper customer intelligence

    Build personalized solutions and provide end to end visibility


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    Build key partnerships

    Enable international and African reach.

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    Experienced provided

    Fully managed service with world class support and service management

Key VodaTrade features

Seamless Operations
Seamless Operations

Enjoy smoother operations and more effective business operations.

Reduced Cost
Reduced Cost

Significantly reduce cost of maintenance and operational overheads.


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