Vodacom Business offers an integrated Digital Buildings IoT Solution designed to optimize workplace management and productivity. Tailored for operations managers and business owners across retail, healthcare, hospitality, mining and commercial real estate industries, this scalable IoT solution provides hyper-contextualized, real-time information to enable proactive decision-making. By tracking and monitoring energy consumption, inventory, air quality, and occupancy, businesses can optimize costs and enhance the customer experience. The Vodacom Digital Buildings IoT solution also offers heat maps, occupancy monitoring, and advanced inventory management, combining new and legacy technology for a comprehensive approach.  

Why Vodacom Digital Buildings?

Vodacom Digital Buildings is an IoT solution that can transform your business with smarter data for smarter decision-making and smarter results. With our scalable solution, expect real-time information, increased output and productivity, as well as optimised operations and management for your business.

Digital Buildings Offerings

Mine Image
Digital Mine

Use our Vodacom Digital Buildings solution to integrate to help you ensure enhanced workplace health and safety and extract...

Healthcare Image
Digital Healthcare

The Vodacom Digital Buildings solution prevents down time and disruption to your hospital's proficiency and productivity by...

Manufacturing Image
Digital Manufacturing

Use real-time data to adapt operations, ensure maximised production time, and improve output with Vodacom Digital Buildings. Access...

Retailer Image
Digital Retailer

Our Vodacom Digital Buildings solution combines your new and legacy technology to help you track and monitor your employees...

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