Why Vodacom Digital Mine?

By using Vodacom Digital Mine, you will be able to optimise mining processes and enhance workplace health and safety for your workers. Reduce downtime and gain visibility into your mining operations in near real-time, while cutting costs by plugging into your existing infrastructure.

With our range of Digital Mine solutions, you can also include a Mobile Private Network (MPN), and integrated portable, private, and secure network that provides higher speed and strength compared to a regular Wi-Fi connection. MPN will revolutionise the way you do business by bringing the network and the Cloud closer to the devices that need it.

How Mobile Private Networks benefits your mining operations


•       Keep your data safe, since it does not leave your site*

•       Access control: Based on a mobile network, MPN provides all the end-user security of a mobile network

•       Private connectivity: Only your company devices can connect

High Speed, Low Latency

•       Enables low latency/ultra-reliable low latency (URLL) applications

•       Allows URLL Cloud-based applications to be located on customer premises

•       Cloud compute (distributed MEC) enables low latency applications

•       Connecting your Autonomous Guided Vehicles


•       Assured SLAs with guaranteed QoS and high availability delivers the best performance and minimises downtime

•       Greater business responsiveness is possible as your data can be collected, analysed, and then acted upon locally without needing to cross the network with Edge Computing


•       Tailored to your requirements – addressing your specific needs now and in the future

•       Bring compute power closer to application users through Edge Computing, experience the same agility and scalability offered by the public Cloud

More Choice

•       With Edge Computing, you choose where to run your workloads, depending on their specific latency, bandwidth, and data sovereignty requirements

•       Guaranteed capacity that is dedicated and tailored to your needs

Cost Saving Performance

•       With local decision-making happening at the edge, non-time-critical data can be streamed to the Cloud when bandwidth needs are lower, leading to improved performance and cost savings


To see how you can take your mining operations further, download the PDF below.

How Vodacom Digital Mine benefits your mining operations



Predictive Maintenance

•       Near real-time monitoring of key onboard systems and diagnostics

•       Analytics to drive preventative and predictive maintenance through AI and Machine Learning

Asset Tracking

•       Vehicle tracking and planning, including route optimisation and AI for optimal usage

•       Location-based information to manage resources and provide asset security compliance

•       Track consumption details for all assets

Energy Management

•       Fuel management data for mobile assets and onsite asset energy consumption analytics for fixed assets

•       Near real-time site and country operational cost management dashboards and analytics to optimise equipment use

Environmental Sensing

•       Asset and location-based air qualify and pollution sensors and analytics to conform to guidelines and regulations for pollution and site-based fumes and emissions

Logistics Optimisation

•       Asset and vehicle logistics planning and analytics

•       Driver behaviour data and optimisation AI

Worker Safety

•       Connected worker sensors and wearables

•       Location-based accident-avoidance analytics and AI

•       Compliance with COVID-19 and other HSE regulations at work

Operations Management

•       Manage operations from a centralised building’s management system that lets you track their condition, utilisation, performance, and energy consumption in a single, integrated platform

End-to-end Solution

•       Have more possibilities with an end-to-end IoT solution, co-created with you to address the specific needs of your buildings and physical locations

•       Delivering smarter data that you can act on to optimise and transform your operations for smarter results

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